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Hi guys,
From my rifle collection, I have some models that I want to sell
NO TRADES, Sorry I need money.

The Cartridge guns I will ship to a FFL dealer
(I need a signed FFL to ship)
The BP rifles direct to the purchaser
E-mail me at
Will work better if you e-mail me than a PM here,

# 1 Winchester Cenntenial ’66 Carbine (model 94 –in 30-30) Gold plated receiver and butt plate.
Octogonal 20” barrel, gold plated fore end cap. Engraved with “A century of Leadership 1866-1966” in barrel, “Winchester Centennial ’66 “ in tang.
Never fired and used slightly (by my wife) wood very good, metal perfect. NO BOX
$530 shipped

# 2 Winchester Centennial ’66 Rifle (26 “ octagonal barrel) same as above,
This was my rifle taken out a few times but never fired wood very good, NO BOX
$530 shipped SOLD

# 3 Remington Model 700 MZ (muzzle loader) NEW, never fired, stainless steel 50 caliber, set up for 209 shotgun premiers
New never fired, Scope is a Bushnell Banner Lite Site (Illuminated red dor) 3x by 9x by 40 mm
Set up in expensive Leupold Quick Detach (Weaver style) rings in nickel plated and in Leupold bases in stainless steel, Scope is also NEW.
$530 shipped to your door.

# 4 Same as above, also NEW never fired, but with a BSA Cat Eye scope 3 1/2x to 10x by 50 mm, with Illuminated reticle, Set up in Weaver mounts.
$ 490 shipped.

# 5 CVA (Connecticut Valley Arms) Apollo caliber .54 Made in Spain, perfect condition, shot once. Great wood. New Bushnell Banner 2 ½ power scope on Weaver mounts.
$160 shipped to your door

# 6 Traditions Timber Ridge cal 50 1/32 twist Made in Spain.
Bushnell Banner 2 ½ x scope on Weaver mounts
$150 shipped to your door

# 7 Thompson Center Arms FIRE HAWK .32 caliber squirrel rifle, Recoil pad, great wood
NEW, never fired. Set up with Weaver bases, ready for your scope. BOXED
$120 shipped to your door

# 8 KNIGHT Wolverine 50 caliber, fired once, set up for 209 premiers in the Knight system.
It will take 150 grains of BP or Pyrodex
Like NEW, Scope is a Bushnell banner black powder scope 3x9 by 40 mmset up in Weaver mount.
$230 shipped to your door

Please e-mail me at

Thank you for looking
Best wishes
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