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Fair trade?

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I've been offered a Bulgarian Makarov in exchange for my K98 Mauser and bayonet. The Mak is in 99% condition and I think it's a fair trade but I'm not really familiar with the values of Bulgarian Makarovs. Any input?
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Ads in Shotgun Times (just got it today) have them for $225. I presume you are referring to 7.62 . A bit more for the 9mm and more, yet, for pristine .380's.

Unless you plan on tricking out the Mauser and actually using it - I'd say the trade was fair to good, depending on caliber. :wink:
I believe the caliber is 9x18 Makarov. I have no plans to modify the Mauser.
Personally, I'd go for it.

My newest quest is the Remington 597 in .22WMR... but I'll settle for the .22LR if I have to. :wink:
I've decided to go for it. I never use the Mauser anymore and I can't seem to sell it for a decent price. Thanks for your input Paul.

The 597 is a great gun for the price. I have the .22LR (I'm sure you saw it on FFF) and I use it for pest control as well as target practice. I do think it is a better value than its Ruger counterpart.
I ended up selling the K98 for about what I bought it for. It was a mixed parts gun and I'm unsure of the history of it. No Russian markings though. The guy with the Makarov just stopped talking to me so I moved on. I used that money to help pay for a SVT-40. :p

I sold all my 8mm ammo to my former dealer too. He gave me a great price.
the only markings on a RC K98 that the Russians applied were electro pencil serial etchings,they are typically mis matched pieces,thats about what they go for depending on the code,and if it had any SS markings

your gonna love the SVT 40,mine is a blast to shoot,alot better than the 91/30's,and ecspecially the M38's,and M44's
The SVT-40 is my favorite rifle in my safe. Much moreso than my AR15 which feels like a toy. My Mosin Nagant 1891/30 is a tackdriver but the SVT is just as accurate and far less punishing to shoot. I just feel bad using it on the range with people next to me because of the muzzle brake. I'm eager to compare it to my M1A when that comes in.
i'd love to have a M1a,but for the dough there are too many others i'd like to have

believe it or not my favorite shooter is a Mas 49/56,absolute pleasure and a tack driver as well

i have a awsome Leubecker DUV 44 G43 that im afraid to shoot,all matching including furniture vet bring back,cant bring myself to shoot it because if something breaks on it i'd never forgive myself,and there pretty well known for the excessive pressures by design,so its a safe queen
i forgot to mention,i seen the pic of your K98 in the classified section,it was definatly a RC and your asking price wasnt out of line at all,what code was it?
I had a bunch of detailed pictures but it looks like I deleted them all. I did manage to find my PM to the buyer though.

This gun does have a mix of numbers. The barrel, stock and receiver are numbered 3083 but the rest don't match. On the top of the receiver above the 1939 is the number 42 with an x just above that. On the right side of the receiver are three Waffenampt eagle stamps and on the left side are another two on the barrel and receiver. "Mod 98" is also on the left side of the receiver next to the bolt........
the serial number on the side of the butt is typical RC,as is the jet black bluing,the butt plate being blued is also a indicator
the 42 was its code,the X was put their by the ruskies and is a RC designator
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