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What 1911?

  • Springfield

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  • Kimber

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  • S&W

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  • Wilson Combat

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  • Ed Brown

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  • Charles Daly

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  • Rock River

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Favorite 1911?

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What 1911 maker do you like the best? I personally like Springfields, and have one of their Mil Specs.

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I said Kimber, but someday I'd like to own a Rock River. I have an 87 year old shooting buddy that owns one, and it is nice!!
I've been thinking a springfield mil spec would be nice some day too, maybe throw in a .460 rowland conversion, and make big booms!! :lol: Now all I have to do is win the lottery to pay for all the guns i'd like to have!!
I wanted a Springfield GI-45 but am tired of waiting for it, so I am now trying to get a mil spec but my local ffl holder can't find a distributor that has one. I really want a Springfield this time( I've owned two Kimbers) but this lack of availability is pissing me off. :x
You forgot most of the wide body manufacturers. I have a 12+1 Springfield Ultra Compact and a Para Ordinance P-18 which I much prefer over the single stacks. Off the top of my head, I've had a 70 series Gold Cup, Star PD, EAA Hardballer, and a few others and I still like the feel of the double stacks.
My favorite is my Springfield GI 1911, but it is my only .45.

It has only had :oops: 50 rounds :oops: ran through, but it fired without a problem! :p
I think the Ed Brown custom guns are the best I have ever seen and I used alot of his custom parts to build up one of my .45s and they were some of the best parts I used on the gun. For factory guns I think Springfield or Paraordnance take the cake over Kimber because I think the quality is the same but Kimber is bit more pricey.

Double stack all the way.
Can you consider the Para Ord a true 1911?

Also what about the SIG GSR?
RTFM said:
Can you consider the Para Ord a true 1911?

Also what about the SIG GSR?
What do you mean?

I really want a sig GSR but too rich for me now.
Ive shot alot of 1911's and own a smith&wesson but the sweetest 1911 I ever shot was a wilson,$2200.00,unless I recieve a large reward somewhere I will never get to own one but I shot the smallest group at 25 yards I have ever shot with a 1911 style pistol.I want to own a mil spec springfield by next year,thats about as close I can get to a wilson.Drop-Shot
Anyone shoot a Kimber 10mm (Don Johnson gun)?
I've always been a big Miami Vice fan, but never big enough to buy one.
What do you mean?
Well Para has modified their idea of a 1911 to the point of not working like a 1911.
Pivoting trigger.
Hammer down carry on a live round.
Firing pin disconnect.
External extractor.
Double stack magazine.

Although the pistol looks like a 1911, do you consider it a real 1911?

I tend not to think of the Paras as real 1911's but let me also say I do not own a 1911 (yet :oops: ) and am not really in need of one either.

Just keeping to conversation going..

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1911A1 MilSpec - Springfield
Colt Commander - .38 Super
Where is Les Baer in the poll?
That's the thing there are so many good 1911 smiths out there now it would be a 2 page poll. I went with the Wilson having owned 2 they have always been top drawer. Les Baer, Ed Brown both are equal with Bill Wilson but Wilson is within driving distance of where I'm and I have more exposure to his work.
I plan on getting a Springfield Armory MilSpec sometime in the next six months.

I have also heard that the quality on the Auto Ordinance 1911's has gone up considerably and may purchase one of those instead if the price is right.
I said Kimber , but would love to have a Les Baer
GunRunner said:
Anyone shoot a Kimber 10mm (Don Johnson gun)?
I've always been a big Miami Vice fan, but never big enough to buy one.
I thought Kimber started making 1911s after Miami mice was already off the air?
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