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Favorite .45 ACP target/plinking reload?

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Hey, I got first post :)

I'm using UMC, Win, or Magtec brass, Rem LG pistol primer, 3.5 g Clays, and Lazer cast 230 g. lead cast bullets.
Seems to be accurate and consistant from my gun, certainly not match grade, but good enough for plinking. It is rather smokey and dirty though, I don't care, it's cheap and just for fun.

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I use once fired brass, (various brands), 230 gr FMJ, CCI large pistol primers, and last but not least 8.7 gr of AA#5. This is my pet load for all my 45s, both Glock and Colt. This is very accurate and consistant. :wink:
Hey Rev,is that powder clean burning?I have used unique powder for years and get real diry just loading,good accuracy but I hear the new unique is cleaner that the old stuff,I still have alot of older unique.If the AA#5 is alot cleaner I'll switch.Drop-Shot
Sorry for the slow responce. Yes Accurate Arms powder is very clean burning. It is an irregular ball powder so it measures well too, no clumping.
Favorite load for the .45 acp:

(Mostly) Federal brass, but I will use anything EXCEPT Starline!
(I've gotten my hands on some junk S-line. Sorry.)
200 gr. HARDCAST SWC based on the H&G #68 bullet.
5.7 gr. W-231.
WW-LP primer

Yields 907 fps out of my Gold Cup, NM.
Real accurate load.

Now. . . I'm curious. For years, I've read where someone is concerned that a load is 'dirty' or 'clean'.
Now, I've loaded metallic cartridges since 1978/79 and since I shoot for accuracy, why worry if something is 'clean' or 'dirty'?
We (for the most part) all clean our firearms after shooting, right?

I dunno. Me. . . I just don't care about 'clean' or 'dirty'.
If it's accurate, I keep using it.

Lastly. . . Great site and forum!!!

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My favorite 45 ACP plinking load is Hornady's LRN over 3.7 grains of Clays with a Federal primer. Any lighter and my guns won't cycle in cold weather.
I've had very good accuracy from a National Match auto, a Smith 1955 Target revolver, and a Blackhawk convertible, with a load of 200 gr. cast (H&G) SWC and 5.1 gr. Unique. One hole groups out to 25 yards and sub-2" at 50. (Rested) It is a smoky load, but I don't mind that.
4.0 grs. of Bullseye and a 200gr. LSWC for both 1911's. Accuracy tops.
I am new to shooting handguns (I am a shotgun shooter). I just acquired a Colt, National Match, 1911 45 ACP. I will be buying a Dillon Square Deal B reloader. I haven't settled on a load yet and could use some help. Please keep the loads coming. I will be loading a 200 gr. FMJ Round Nose bullet. Any suggestions.
:D I'm with Pete: 4.0 grains Bullseye with 200 grain LSWC. It's my favorite load with an accurized 1911 with a light spring. I've been using this for 30 years!

I also load 5.0 grains Bullseye with 230 grain FMJ bullets.
Jim: I have used the 200 gr. FMJ with 5.0 grs. Bullseye. I think that the gun will run on even less, maybe 4.5, especially if you go with a lighter spring.
For that 4.0 LSWC load, I think that I have a 12lb. spring in the gun. Might be 14, I'll have to check. (Stock spring is 16lbs.)
For just plain old banging I am loading 5.8g of Hodgdon Titegroup behind Hornady 185g JHP's.

For a defense load I am loading 5.1g of titegroup behind a 230g Hornady flying ashtray. This is through a S&W M&P.
Does anyone have any experience with the 152 gr Penn .45 lswcs? I have never shot anything lighter than 185, but I'm thinking that might be a real lion tamer for that featherweight Patriot Arms .45. She just Rock and roll with 200-230 gr ball. try to double tap with that rig, and the entrance wound from round#2 might be in the top of the head if it doesn't burn up on re-entry :roll:
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