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favorite handgun/pistol of all time

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well like the name of the topic says what is ur favorite handgun of all time even if u never held or shot it before?

mine has gotta be the .50AE desert eagle with the titanium finish (never held or shot it before)
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I've only shot a small selection so far including:
Sig P226 9mm
Ruger SuperBlackhawk .44
AO 1911 .45acp
S&W Model 10 .38sp
Ruger Mk. II .22lr
Llama Especial .32acp
Colt Border Patrol .357magnum

I would say it's a tie between the Border Patrol and the Sig P226. They are completely different but each has great characteristics.

If I had to choose only one, my Colt revolver. :D
Original model of the High Standard Supermatic Trophy Military. Close second would be the S&W 41. One of the various N frame S&Ws would probably be third.
.50AE desert eagle

thats a fun shooter ;) :twisted:
Colt Gold Cup, NM.

This one will never be sold. :)

Oops. . . on edit: I MUST add my S&W mdl 41, w/ 5-1/2" bull barrel.
This is another one that will never be sold.

Ruger's line of single actions. I really like a SAA Colt. The Rugers are about all I'll be able to afford and they've not let me down for years.

I am a 1911A1 fan... and the Commander... and the Gold Cup, but I must confess... I have always loved the Colt Python. :wink:
1873 Colt SAA

I'd be perfectly happy with a new clone too.
I'll put another up for the single action Rugers. I've shot 3 different ones and they all just feel 'right' in my hand. No having to coerce my hands around the grip like with my .357.

Oh Gosh ,there have been so many handguns over the past

55 years its hard to pick one. For center fire accuracy I would have to say the S&W K38 with five inch barrel.
For a carry gun it would be the Colt Commander LW in 45ACP.
And then there was the H&R 999 and the S&W model 41 in the 22 line.
Today I guess its whatever I own now.
For accuracy disapointments it has to be the Beretta Mod.92 and 96. At 25 yards I'm lucky to hit a paper plate.
Could it be my old eyes with cataracs? you think?
From time to time, my preferences change. Currently, my favorite's a stainless steel Ruger Bisley Vaquero in .45 Colt with a 5-1/2" barrel. The trigger's a little smoother and it feels better balanced than my Ruger single actions with adjustable sights.
One look at your avitar and the spelling in your post, and all I can think about is; "This kid owns firearms?" :shock:
I have a nickel plated S&W model 29-2 that is my long time favorite..but it's an heirloom that belonged to my grampa..my favorite that I bought for myself is my Sig 229 9mm
S&W N-frame. In any caliber.
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