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Favorite powder for 45 colt?

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I'm fixin to start loading for my 45 and haven't decided on a powder. I've heard folks talking about 4227 , H110 , W296 and Unique. I'll be loading hardcast bullets ranging from 250 up to 300 and need some advice. Thanks in advance.

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HWD - for general target type rounds, I use Red Dot, Green Dot, Clays, PB, and 700X. All give me around 700 to 900 fps. For me with 255 gr lead RN bullets, I get great accuracy with my RRH with a scope - inside the 10X at 25 yards and 3-5" groups at 50. (I'm not the best pistol shot...my son can do better with the same gun and load.)

I also use H4227 but I don't get that much more in velocity. The case is really not designed for high pressure loads and can separate/rupture. Some people try to pump them up to 44 mag levels but the case isn't made for that. Plus, if you do go that route, you want to make sure it's in a good solid modern gun like a RRH or RBH.
...Check out the various powder sites for info. My two fav. loads are *6.3 gr of 700X for ~800 fps and *7.2 of PB for ~820 fps. Both are very mild and fun to shoot. When I first loaded these at reduced charges to work up to max, I was thinking that only the primer was firing they were so mild.

(Note: These loads take up very little case vol. Be careful to not double charge your cases!)

*(Use at your own risk - always check and use data directly from the powder company.)
Thanks for replying. I've not seen a load using Clays yet. Heck, I've got a 8lb jug down in my loading room! I'll check Hodgon's site for data.
I reckon I shold have clarified my intent with this revolver and just what it is. It's a Ruger Blackhawk with a 7 1/2" barrel. My intentions are to hunt with it next year(deer and/or Bear).

If I were you I would choose something other than shotgun powder, especialy for hunting.
The Ruger & TC can stand a heaver load than others and have there own loading data.
I have used Accurate Arms powder for years with great results. I hope this helps.
I loaded a couple hundred useing 6.9 gr. of Unique with both 230 gr. and 200 gr. bullets. seemed to work well in my semi auto pistol but I actually loaded them for a Thompson.
The cartridge in question is actually the .45 Colt revolver cartridge often referred to as the .45 Long Colt. The one you mention is the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) and is often confused with the former as the names are very similar.

I use 110 or 296 for my heavy loads in most calibers over .357 but found Titegroup, Unique, and Herco good for practice and general use in this cartridge. Titegroup was especially nice as it is supposed to be position insensitive so the possibility of a (Mind blank- can't think of the word, "flash" something) detonation from having too much exposed powder is lessened. I think IMR's Trail Boss is supposed to do the same thing and is priced pretty fairly too. With this cartridge, I'd say anything in the 900 fps range and up with a 250 gr or larger semi-wadcutter will do the trick on deer. For black bear a bit more speed may be preferred but they are generally taken at pretty close range if bait or hounds are used and I would suspect the above deer load will work just as well with a very hard cast bullet.
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:oops: my bad, sorry for the bud in guys. A few nights ago I decided I was going to read every thread on this site and I guess the old brain is just fried after a couple days of reading.

Thanks for the reply on this one. I think I'm gonna go with a Keith Style bullet from Lasercast. H110 and 296 were the ones that I was considering the closest,so thanks for the verification.

Plowboy, Don't feel bad. We've all misread some of the questions or replies here once or twice.

Whatever powder you decide on remember that 45 case has a lot of volume---it is possible to double or even triple charge :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Keep this in mind before seating your bullet--I prefer Unique for this fine old caliber.
I've never loaded for a pistol cartridge,but have loaded rifle and shotgun for years. Is it possible to find a powder that comes close to filling the case? With rifle,the closer to filling the case the better. Heck,some of them will only shoot with compressed loads.

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