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Finally got my PPK

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I just won an auction for an Interarms/Walther PPK in .380acp. I've wanted a PPK for quite some time now and I just passed on a local .32acp in favor of the .380 since this may be my carry gun at times. I don't like the PPK/S or the S&W versions with the extended tang. They just don't have that "classic" quality IMHO. It also seems to me that S&W changed some of the lines of the gun slightly but I may be wrong. I'll be sure to get pics up when it comes in.
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If you don't mind sharing, how much did you pay for it?

I'm thinking about a PPK, but I'll probably get the smith version because the last time I shot a walther I got bit by the slide. No fun at all.
Auction ended at $380 with $15 shipping. My FFL charges me $25 to receive so it will be $420 total. Most dealers in this area have quoted me $550 for a new S&W PPK so I'm very pleased. The one I'm getting is factory new too. I guess it would be new old stock.
Sounds like you found yourself a good deal. Congrats.
Fuelburns2 said:
I just won an auction for an Interarms/Walther PPK in .380acp. ...
Congratulations. I've had the same gun for quite some time now. I haven't had any problems (that weren't my fault) with it. I hope you have no problems with yours.
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