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First off I would like to say thank you to the Delrey Shooting Center and the Pistol World Forum in helping me make an educated decision
I took the advice of the Guys at Delrey Shooting center and took their Introductory hand gun class.
I got to say it was Great. The instructor is a virtual encyclopedia of weapon information. He explained to me the in's and outs of revolvers and semi auto's, as well as the rules and regulations required to possess a concealed weapon in FLA .

Next it was off to test the different 9mm's
After firing a Ruger, S&W, HK, Glock, Beretta, and the XD I narrowed down to 2 HandGuns
The Glock 19 and a XD9.
I extensively fired both guns again.
I ended up going with a XD9 because it to felt much better in my hand.
I also like the trigger pull on the XD better then the trigger on the Glock 19.

I filled out the additional paperwork, dropped some $$$$ for my new XD9, Made some new friends, and walked out of the range with a smile and no regrets.
Tuesday next week the XD9 comes home.

The next step is to get a grip for the XD and any other goodies as well.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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The next purchases would be a holster or two. Since you were looking at this as a carry gun, a good concealment holster would be a good choice. I prefer an inside the waist band (IWB) holster for this and a tuckable (one in which you can tuck your shirt over) is highly preferred. This is a pretty subjective issue and one will often go through several holsters before finding the right on. I have a Galco SkyOps as my IWB holster and like it quite a bit. There are a number of others which also work well.
You might also want an outside the waist band holster for some uses and for that I have a couple. The holster that comes with the kit is OK for range use but for general use I prefer one that covers more of the gun. I have a Bianchi nylon holster that is kind of a universal fit model that works well. I am not real happy with the belt loop configuration but not enough to replace it now. When it goes, I'll go with a leather holster with thumbsnap.

My other great suggestion is further training. One can never have too much and the earlier you begin, the fewer bad habits you will have to overcome.
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