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First Handgun

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I thought it would be a fun idea and bring back some fond memories for some of us if we all posted what our first handgun was. Mine was an S&W Model 10 Nickel Plated .38 Special 8) Please post some pics if you can, I would but I already posted one in the "I Love My..." section and do not want to over do it. I hope this works out.
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Mine was the Ruger Security Six. Stainless steel finish, black overmolded synthetic grips, .357 Magnum chambering, comfortable and accurate as hell.
Mine was a Ruger MK II. Good, inexpensive fun!

I had to edit it in photoshop to brighten it up. That's why the color is a little funky.
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I don't have a digital camera so can't post a picture but it was a High Standard Supermatic Trophy Military with 7.5" fluted barrel with fins, porting, barrel weights, and grips with palm swell and heel rest. First centerfire was a S&W 66 in .357 Mag with the ubiquitous target trigger, target hammer, and target stock. I still have both.
Gosh ,You all sound like a bunch of youngsters. It's been so
many years ago I have almost forgotten but it was probably
an H& R in 22 LR. But I don't remember the model.
Mine was a .32 auto Colt hammerless. I wish I had it back, gone for many years.
Blued Taurus M66 357 Mag w/ 6" barrel. Purchased it new for $189. Still have it and have put 1000's of reloads through it.
ca. 1950 S&W K-22, blue, 6" barrel. It was my Dad's gun. My first handgun purchase was a Colt Woodsman... .22.
Paul F. said:
.... My first handgun purchase was a Colt Woodsman... .22.
If you had a Woodsman, I want to see your thumbs... some folks weren't smart enough to keep their thumbs out of the way with a two-handed grip. That dovetail was pretty sharp, ya know.

My first handgun was a Ruger standard auto... don't wanna give away my age, but it was $40 brand new.
SSSSsssssssssssssssssssshhhhh! :oops:
My first handgun is my Daewoo DH40. Roomate owed me some money so he just gave me his gun as payment in full. Its not the best gun in the world but "a gun is a gun". Had some trouble with the trigger return spring popping off but I fixed that. It works just fine, doesnt jam very often, only real complaint is that it isnt very accurate at all and the trigger is kinda weird. The grip is kinda like a wanna be Beretta
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Colt New Frontier .22LR/.22WMR with 6" barrel. Still have it, but I don't shoot it much anymore, hate to put wear on it. Sure is a pretty thing...wish they still made them!
claybird said:
Gosh ,You all sound like a bunch of youngsters. It's been so
many years ago I have almost forgotten but it was probably
an H& R in 22 LR. But I don't remember the model.
Claybird, I assume it was a 9 round top break model. If so then it was most likely a H&R 999 Sportsman.

I'm only guessing that becuase that was my first handgun also. I still have it. It has the absolute best trigger of any handgun that I have.

And... I'm not THAT old (I hope) :wink: :)

H&R started building top-break 9-shot .22 revolvers when Moses was just a kid, and they built them in many different models right up until the demise of the company. The successor company also built a couple different models. The 999 is actually one of the more recent models. Take a look in the H&R section of the Blue Book if you have a copy.
No the 1st one was before the 999. I bought anH&R 999 around the mid 60's. That was a better shooter than the SW
K22. Don't know what ever made me trade it off.
I'm wondering if the new production 999's are as good as the originals. I remember one day at our cabin in Mich. that I knocked off 8 or 9 chipmunks that were buggin me to find a way to get in the cabin.
That Ruger 22 Hunter combo is looking pretty good to me about now. Wife says why do you need an OTHER gun? I said just because the gun cabinet is not full yet.
Sig P229 .40cal
glock fo-tay because gun rag advertising works (1994). When I consigned that off I got a 1991a1 colt to replace it(1995). I had aquired a revo and a .22 pistol during the same period.

I wish I didn't sell it though.
mine was a Victory model S&W revolver .38 spl ( made in about 1945 ). It was a gift from my uncle - he bought it new - and he gave it to me in the early 60's.

I think the first handgun I bought myself was a mod 28 S&W .357 mag revolver in a 6" barrel - in the late 60's.
Mine was a springfield XD9 service model I got way back in 2006. Man those were the days. When they REALLY knew how to make guns, not like the crap they have today. The only bad thing that came of it was the fact that I have no money in the 'ol pocket book because it started an addiciton that robs me of every dime I have. Oh well its worth it :wink:
The addiction gets really bad when you have to scrape enough money together to buy a safe for your toys. That's a lot of money that could have bought more guns.
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