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First Semi Auto

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I am looking to buy my first semi auto hand gun and was looking for some opinions. Im considering a Kimber or Springfield 1911, Glock, H&K, or Sig. Probably going to go with a .40 or 45 ACP caliber. IT will be strictly a in the dresser drawer gun not for carry. Looking to spend between 600 and 1000 $. IM not particularly fond of compacts or small framed guns....especially for this purpose a concealed carry gun would be a different story. Any suggestions, past experiences or other opinions would be helpful.

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If you're going to keep "one in the pipe" then no problem (assuming safety issues are adequately addressed), but if you don't, then your wife may have some trouble handling the auto loader too; here I'm thinking about racking the slide.

The USP is famous for being the SEALS gun and carrys a $350 cool gun tax over a very comparable Sig. Uglydog gave lots of great advice, given the use described, you'd be wise to follow it. :wink:

Good luck and please, whatever you settle on. Shoot it. Both you and your wife. And frequently.
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