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First Semi Auto

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I am looking to buy my first semi auto hand gun and was looking for some opinions. Im considering a Kimber or Springfield 1911, Glock, H&K, or Sig. Probably going to go with a .40 or 45 ACP caliber. IT will be strictly a in the dresser drawer gun not for carry. Looking to spend between 600 and 1000 $. IM not particularly fond of compacts or small framed guns....especially for this purpose a concealed carry gun would be a different story. Any suggestions, past experiences or other opinions would be helpful.

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There is nothing wrong with an H&K other than a price that is higher than I think it is worth. There are many other guns out there that will serve the purpose just as well but cost less. If it is a gun that tickles your fancy then there is nothing wrong in getting it. I'd rather get a bit less expensive gun that I feel is just as appropriate and use the savings for something else like lessons and ammo. My personal protection guns are currently some model of Springfield XD. I have all the sizes in .40 S&W and the Service in .45 ACP and find them to suit me fine. I have used a Springfield 1911 for a few years but have switched to the XD for the most part. The major reason is I sometimes forget to thumb the manual safety off the 1911 as there isn't one on the XD. The Springfields are the best value in 1911 style pistols by a long shot in my mind.
I am not a fan of Glocks only because they do not fit my hand or style of shooting. They are a very good and reliable gun though and I have no qualms of recommending them to others. I have heard more complaints with these in the .40 and .45 calibers but the numbers are still fairly low considering the numbers out there. I do think they are a little overpriced but police turn ins can be found quite reasonably and often come with added features like night sights.SIGs are also very nice guns, I have a 220 in .45 ACP that they produced for Browning. It is also a dependable brand that has many good references.
I would go with the USP over a 1911 for a nightstand gun especially if I wouldn't be spending a fair amount of time at the range. I feel a single action auto is not the best type for the average handgun owner and that something similar to a revolver is a better choice. That is my personal opinion of the average person based on my observations as a range officer for CCW courses over many years. 1911, S&W, Beretta, and others carried with the manual safety on all gave non-avid shooters fits. These shooters all did much better with guns without manual safeties. It all depends on how much training one gives themselves.
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