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First Semi Auto

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I am looking to buy my first semi auto hand gun and was looking for some opinions. Im considering a Kimber or Springfield 1911, Glock, H&K, or Sig. Probably going to go with a .40 or 45 ACP caliber. IT will be strictly a in the dresser drawer gun not for carry. Looking to spend between 600 and 1000 $. IM not particularly fond of compacts or small framed guns....especially for this purpose a concealed carry gun would be a different story. Any suggestions, past experiences or other opinions would be helpful.

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Both very good suggestions, but if you don't want a .45 then I would recommend a Sig 226 for your price range. I have personal experience with this gun in 9mm and would readily recommend it as a dresser drawer gun in .40. You can also get interchangeable barrels later and fire .357Sig in your .40 with just a barrel swap.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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