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Truthfully I'm a lover of guns and joke around a bit around my buddies too. When I say joke around I mean unloaded, treating it as if it is loaded, but still maybe letting the slide lock in position with a funny movie quote.
I don't think I would ever "flash" my piece in public. Although, that's been my training with handguns. I know that Police officers often bring out their handguns in situations were they "may" be required to shoot it. I've always been taught to bring it out at the last second only to make a shot. I just realized while typing this that that has nothing to do with the topic, so sorry for that.
Anyway, back to playing around. Guns are cool to look at it you enjoy them and are interested. Obviously just follow the normal safe rules and I don't think it's a problem as long as other people are comfortable with it and know your intentions.

My buck-o-five.
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