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FN first started production of the Five seveN in 1998.

I was able to fondle one, along with their P90 in 1999.

U.S. civilian sales did not start until 2004.

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The penetration is stellar, so they say.
The ammo price is thru the roof. $15.99 to $31.00 for a box of 20 or 50 depending who has what - when!
The Five-seveN standard magazine is 20 rounds.... (cool)
They share the same ammo as the new civilian PS-90

The following information is gathered form other sources, for reference:

The are being adopted by several law enforcement agencies already.

US Agencies using the 5.7x28mm Weapons


Atlanta, GA PD
Austin, TX PD
Belleview, NE PD
Bentonville, AR PD
Benton County, AR SO
Birmingham, AL PD
Bryan, TX PD
Burbank, CA PD
Camden, SC PD
Charleston County, SC SO
Chula Vista, CA PD
Columbia, MO PD
Creve Coeur, MO PD
Dallas, TX PD
Defense Protective Service
Doraville, GA PD
Duluth, GA PD
Edina, MN PD
Edmund, OK PD
Federal Protective Service
Grand Forks, ND PD
Hallsville, MO PD
Houston, TX PD
Jacksonville, FL PD
Las Vegas, NV PD
Lawrenceville, GA PD
Little Rock, AR PD
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Montana State Highway Patrol
North Little Rock, AR PD
Olathe, KS PD
Palm Beach, FL PD
Palm Beach County, FL SO
Pasco County, FL SO
Ramsey County, MN SO
Richland County, SC SO
Salt Lake City, UT PD
San Francisco, CA PD
Sioux Falls, SD PD
Sparta, NJ PD
Tennessee State Police ERT
Washoe County, NV SO
Zephyr Hills, FL PD



Atlanta, GA PD
Belleview, NE PD
Benton County, AR SO
Bentonville, AR PD
Birmingham, AL PD
Columbia, MO PD
Creve Coeur, MT PD
Dallas, TX PD
Davidson, NC PD
Davis County, UT SO
Duluth, GA PD
Greenwood County, SC SO
Lawrenceville, GA PD
Lexington, SC PD
Oakdale, ME PD
Richland County, SC SO
Slidell, LA PD
Whiteoak Burrough, PA PD

International Agencies using the 5.7x28mm Weapons


Argentina GNA (Federal Police)
Austrian Heeresnachrichtenamt Special Unit
Austrian Jagdkommando Special Unit
Belgian DSU
Belgian Navy PCB
Belgian Special Forces Group
Belgian VIP Close Protection
CNDA Halifax, Nova Scotia LE Agency
CNDA Montreal, Quebec LE Agency
Cyprus Army Special Forces
Cyprus National Guard
Dominican Republic CEA CT Unit
Dutch Army KCT
Dutch Marines BBE
El Salvador Armed Forces
French Army Special Forces
French COS
French GIGN
French Navy COFUSCO
French RAID Group
French Special Forces VIP Protection
German BKA VIP Protection
Greek EKAM Elite Unit
Irish Army's ARW
Israeli SABACH
Italian NOCS Elite Unit
Italian GIS Elite Unit
Jordan Armed Forces
Kuwaiti Armed Forces
Lebanese VIP Protection
Mexican Navy Special Forces
Norwegian Special Forces
Oman Armed Forces
Pakistan Army Special Services Group
Peruvian Special Forces
Peruvian VIP Protection
Philippine Army Rangers
Philippine National Police SAF
Philippine Special Forces Regiment
Portuguese Navy DAE
Portuguese Police GOE
Saudi Arabian Special Forces
Singapore Army Special Forces
Spanish GEO CT Unit
Suriname Armed Forces
Swedish Armed Forces
Thai Special Forces
Venezuelan Army Special Forces



Abu Dhabi Security Forces
Belgian Air Force
Belgian DSU
Belgian Navy PCB
Belgian Special Forces Group
Belgian VIP Close Protection
CNDA Montreal, Quebec LE Agency
Cyprus National Guard
French GIGN
Greek EKAM Elite Unit
Irish Army's ARW
Nepalese Army
Spanish GEO CT Unit

Ballistics Tables for the 5.7x28mm Ammunition

Muzzle velocity:


SS190 |----(2350 fps)-----------(2750 fps)-------------(2150 fps)-----|
SS191 |----(2350 fps)-----------(2750 fps)-------------(2150 fps)-----|
SS192 |----(2350 fps)-----------(2750 fps)-------------(2150 fps)-----|
SB193 |----(1000 fps)-----------(1400 fps)-------------(800 fps)------|
SS195 |----(2350 fps)-----------(2750 fps)-------------(2150 fps)-----|
SS196 |----(1800 fps)-----------(2200 fps)-------------(1600 fps)-----|
SS197 |----(2200 fps)-----------(2600 fps)-------------(2000 fps)-----|

Projectile weight:

SS190 |-----------------31 grains (2.02 grams)------------|
SS191 |-----------------31 grains (2.02 grams)------------|
SS192 |-----------------28 grains (1.81 grams)------------|
SB193 |-----------------55 grains (3.55 grams)------------|
SS195 |-----------------28 grains (1.81 grams)------------|
SS196 |-----------------40 grains (2.58 grams)------------|
SS197 |-----------------40 grains (2.58 grams)------------|

Muzzle energy:


SS190 |----(380 ft. lbs)---------(520 ft. lbs)------------(320 ft. lbs)---|
SS191 |----(380 ft. lbs)---------(520 ft. lbs)------------(320 ft. lbs)---|
SS192 |----(345 ft. lbs)---------(470 ft. lbs)------------(290 ft. lbs)---|
SB193 |----(120 ft. lbs)---------(240 ft. lbs)------------(80 ft. lbs)----|
SS195 |----(345 ft. lbs)---------(470 ft. lbs)------------(290 ft. lbs)---|
SS196 |----(290 ft. lbs)---------(430 ft. lbs)------------(230 ft. lbs)---|
SS197 |----(430 ft. lbs)---------(600 ft. lbs)------------(355 ft. lbs)---|

Average penetration depth in bare 10% ballistic gelatin:


SS190 |---(12.25 inches)------------------------------(8.5 inches)----|
SS191 |---(12.25 inches)------------------------------(8.5 inches)----|
SS192 |---(12.25 inches)------------------------------(8.5 inches)----|
SB193 |------------------------------------------------------------------|
SS195 |---(12.25 inches)------------------------------(8.5 inches)----|
SS196 |------------------------------------------------------------------|
SS197 |------------------------------------------------------------------|

Projectile type/behavior:

SS190 |----------------FMJ, Tumbles (no deformation)------------|
SS191 |----------------Tracer FMJ, Tumbles (no deformation)-----|
SS192 |----------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)------------|
SB193 |----------------Subsonic FMJ---------------------------------|
SS195 |----------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)------------|
SS196 |----------------V-Max, Expands with fragmentation-------|
SS197 |----------------V-Max, Expands with fragmentation-------|


SS190 |-------------------Plain or black tip--------------------|
SS191 |-------------------Red or red/black tip------------------|
SS192 |-------------------Plain hollow tip----------------------|
SB193 |-------------------White or grey tip---------------------|
SS195 |-------------------Plain hollow tip----------------------|
SS196 |-------------------Red-tipped V-Max-------------------|
SS197 |-------------------Blue-tipped V-Max-------------------|

Commercial Availability:

SS190 |-------------------Not offered---------------------------|
SS191 |-------------------Not offered---------------------------|
SS192 |-------------------No longer imported------------------|
SB193 |-------------------Not offered---------------------------|
SS195 |-------------------Now available------------------------|
SS196 |-------------------Now available------------------------|
SS197 |-------------------Not yet available---------------------|

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Awesome - Thanks for all the info. I wish my local shooting range carried that round/pistol to try out. Otherwise I don't think I could just go out and buy it.
What about reloading? Or is it to rare to find any reloading supplies. Are there any cheapo plinking rounds or just bullets to reload with?
Thanks again!
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