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I'm look for a few pointers. I want a new pistol for pocket carry. In the past I've used a j-frame centennial and a Kel-Tec 380. Both worked (sorta) but now I'd like a thinner gun than the revolver and I never got the Kel-Tec to run reliably.

Recently I handled a Bersa Thunder in 380 and liked the narrow frame and how it felt in my hand. It disappeared in my right pocket as well. However, I'd like a 9mm or more in a similar package.

I also fondled a tiny Desert Eagle (I believe) It looked more than compact enough. It also looked like the recoiling slide might remove part of the web of my hand. Also I had a hand time believing it would be much fun to shoot and practice with.

So any suggestions 9mm +, form and weight like the Bersa, fun to shoot, pocket carry, reliable....


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I love my Bersa .380's.
Simple, reliable weapons that eat whatever you feed them.
I have armed both of my daughters with them.

The Bersa 9MM Ultra Compact carries 13+1 and is less than $350.
Not bad. And Bersa makes a very good weapon.
I would not consider this weapon a 'pocket pistol' though.

Have you considered the new Taurus 709 Slim?
Great little pocket pistol with a 7 round capacity for about the same money as the Bersa 9mm.

And then there's Kel-Tec.
Both the PF9 (7 rounds) and P11 (10 rounds) are good pocket pistols.
And, they are less than $300.

IMHO the Taurus and the Kel-Tec's fit the Bersa 'form factor'. :?
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