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FS 45 Long Colt Ruger New Model Vaquero- Stainless SOLD

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I hate to part with this lil gal, but tax time came, and man, an unexpected hit. A little history: I won this pistol in the Friedns of the NRA chapter here in the Virginia area. The gun has had exactly 100 rounds through it, I've had it since 9/20/05. She's accurate, out to 25 yards, as far as I tested her. New Model, kinda like the colts. With black plastic grips. She has a 4 5/8 in barrel, which seem to be in shorter supply? Maybe not, but I've not seen a bunch floating around. Gun comes with case. After I got her, and took the plastic off the gun, I put it back in case, and transported it to the range, I did'nt see a piece of metal that was in the case, and it put a few scratches on the right side (face down) side of the gun. It can been seen in the pics below. I'm asking 425 for her. PM with email for bigger photos or ask for certain angles, I'll be happy to oblige. But, it does take me a bit to get home, so don't think I've forgotten if I don't get them posted immediately. I'm letting it sit on the BBs before I try gunbroker, I'd rather get her to a fellow member.

Thomas (txvashooter/thomasartbutler)

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Re: FS 45 Long Colt Ruger New Model Vaquero- Stainless

I wished to hell I had the lump sum, right now. That's a great gun! :wink:
Re: FS 45 Long Colt Ruger New Model Vaquero- Stainless

Dang it Thomas!,
If it wasn't for DA TAX MAN, we might have been able to work something out on this one. I've got that Encore and you've got this Ruger, HMMMMM ?!?
Sorry I can't help ya on this one....I haven't finished with my taxes yet. I might be in the same problem!

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