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General Information About the Baby Eagle Line

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This has come Directly from Magnum Research's Website, Hopefully You will find it interesting!

Remember to always practice good gun safety and wear eye and ear protection while shooting. We always suggest wearing a good Magnum Research hat, too, for a little extra protection (plus they look good).

Always make sure your pistol is unloaded before you perform any maintenance. And go through your owner's manual every once in a while. There are some good tips on cleaning and taking care of your pistol right in the manual that we send out with every new pistol.

What comes with my new Baby Eagle pistol?
The firearm itself, one magazine, warranty card and owner's manual. The extra slot can be used for spare magazine or cleaning items.

What if I lost my owner's manual? can download a copy of the owner's manual or order one from our store.

Baby Eagle Pistol owner's manual download ( http://www.magnumresearch.com/images/BEP.pdf)
Order a hard copy from our store.

What is the warranty on my new Baby Eagle pistol?
One-year parts and labor.

Can I convert my Baby Eagle pistol?
Sorry, the Baby Eagle pistols in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP can not be converted between calibers due to the fact that each slide diameter is a different size. Yes, in the early 1990's there was a conversion kit for the 9mm to .41AE; this has not been available since the mid-90's.

What ammunition is recommended for use in my Baby Eagle pistol?
Any commercial factory ammunition in full-metal jacket or semi-jacketed (ex. American Eagle, Winchester, Remington, FMC, Hornady, UMC). We do not recommend the use of these ammunitions: Wolf (lacquered steel cases, poor QC) and Sellier & Bellot (very "dirty" ammunition).

Can I shoot +P or +P+ in by Baby Eagle pistol?
No, the pistol is not designed for this type of ammunition.

Can I shoot reloads in my Baby Eagle pistol?
I am sorry we do not offer any reloading information since we do not recommend reloading in any of our products. Any use of reloads (problems caused by them) will void the warranty on any MRI product. However, if you are going to reload we suggest you strictly follow all safe reloading information in a good up to date reloading manual.

What holsters are available for my Baby Eagle pistol?
Uncle Mikes does carry several styles of cordura holsters (size #15 or #16 for the BABY Eagle pistols) and magazine pouches; visit their web site at www.uncle-mikes.com). We do carry a few of these Uncle Mikes Cordura holsters and magazine pouch for all the Baby Eagle pistols; see below for our part numbers and pricing:

#BEP260B/R, Cordura Shoulder Holster, Right Hand, Black

#BEP270B/R, Cordura Hip Holster, Right Hand, Black

#BEP271B/L, Cordura Hip Holster, Left Hand, Black

#BEP280, Cordura Double Magazine Pouch, Black

Kramer Leather will custom make leather holsters (they do stock some for the Baby Eagle pistols), you can visit their web site at www.kramerleather.com or contact them at 1-253-564-6652 (or 1-888-KRAMER-1).

Sunrise Leather has informed us that they make custom holsters for the Baby Eagle pistols, you can visit their website at www.sunriseleather.com or contact them at 1-877-223-0431.

Are there night sights for my Baby Eagle pistol?
Yes, Trijicon does make fixed night sights. Please contact them directly at 1-800-338-0563 or www.trijicon-inc.com
Yes, Meprolight does make adjustable night sights. Please contact them directly at www.meprolight.com

Are there any laser sights that you recommend for my Baby Eagle pistol?
Yes, Laser Devices does make a frame-mounted laser. Please contact them directly at 1-800-235-2162 or www.laserdevices.com.

Is there a speed loader for my Baby Eagle magazine?
A company called ADCO makes a magazine loader product called the "superthumb", contact them directly at 1-781-935-1799.

What finish is recommended on my Baby Eagle pistol (steel models) for damp conditions?
It depends on the price you are willing to pay, on the low dollar end it would be the Matte Chrome or Brushed Chrome and on the high dollar end either of the Titaniums. Please do note that any finish can rust including stainless steel, but with proper periodic maintenance and cleaning after each use you should not have any problems.

Can I send in my new or used Baby Eagle pistol (steel pistols only) to be custom finished in one of the finishes you offer?
Yes, you can send your Baby Eagle pistol to us for a custom shop finish (takes approximately 90-120 days):

Magnum Research, Inc.
Attn: Custom Shop
7110 University Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432

Please include a cover letter stating what you would like done to your pistol, your billing address, a ship-to address (for firearms; this needs to be a business address/or your dealer's address; since we no longer ship a firearm back to a residential address for your safety and ours), a daytime phone number (in case we have any questions), or you may include a copy of this email. Also be sure to include your Visa/MasterCard/Discover card number or prepayment (don't forget to include shipping of $25.00 on pistols and $10.00 on accessories). If paying with a credit card you will not be charged until the items are ready to ship back to you but all prepayments will be cashed immediately. Also note, that no work will be preformed until a form of payment has been received.

Remember to insure your product when shipping it to us since we are not responsible for shipments to us, when we return the product to you at your business address/dealer's address we will be shipping Fed Ex insured.

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