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Glock now in the family

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My son just purchased a model 21 Glock 45 cal. from a co-worker. Gun is in nice shape with one mag and original box.
$300. was the price. He says the size is some where between his Makarov and the Ruger 45 Colt Vaquero and boxy like a Volvo ?
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Congrats to him, I own one and love it. :wink:
Big disapointment!!!!
Saturday morning we finally got time to go to the DNR range and shoot some new and some old guns. The (Shutter) Glock 21 my son bought turned out to be a model 30? in 45 acp. After shooting one mag .full I had my fill of Glocks. Stupid thing looks
like a 2x2 with a short handle on the bottom. Silly 2 piece trigger my be idiot proof but I'll never own one. I have shot 45's for years but this one made my wrist hurt all day.
I'll stick with my CZ 75 compact and the S&W wheel guns.
Sorry Rev. but the Glock just doesn't ring my bell.
Claybird, I gotta agree with you on the Glock. I have been issued them twice and bought two on my own and have come to the conclusion that they just plain don't like me. The compact models haven't been too bad to shoot but I absolutely hate the sub-compacts larger than 9mm. The grip on the Glock is such an awkward angle for me that it takes a lot of focus and concentration for me to shoot it passably well. This is also a problem for me on P08 Lugers, non-Military High Standards, and several others so is not a glock problem. I much prefer a less angled grip like that found on the XD, 1911, most S&Ws, and others. The trigger also leaves a bit to be desired, even with the 3 lb disconnector and some other drop ins the trigger was rather off for me. The Glock is a good gun and one I do recommend to others to try out but I do not believe it is the ultimate handgun for everyone any more than I believe the 1911 style pistols are this mythical creature. Just like shoes, some styles and brands fell better than others even though they are the same size.
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Udog, Thanks for the comments on the Glock and others. My
son also ended up with a Ruger P89. I shot a couple of mag fuls thru it and it seemed a pleasure to shoot after the Glock. Although I don't care for the magizine release on it. Maybe after a while I might get used to it.
I have a S&W 686 that I call my tack driver, its only a 4 inch barrel but it shoots where I point it. The 2 inch model 60 is not too bad with light loads but 38+P is about all I care to shoot in it. And then the CZ 75 Compact 9mm is a fun gun to shoot.
It just looks like a pistol should look and feels like a gun should feel at least to me.Also the saftey works in the correct direction.
I just figured out what its costing to reload the 243's for his
. $4.88 for 20 shells. Sure beats retail store price.
claybird...no need to be sorry. I own a G30 also and love it as well. I can actually shoot it better than my 21, go figure.
Glocks, there not for everyone, just those who appreciate perfection.

Just messing with you claybird.
Besides the funny trigger,they didn't even put a gap in for the cylinder. :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll: :idea:

The C bird
I also picked up a new Glock 22. I was working at the range 2 winters ago which is now closed. Another sad story. Anyway i used to rent them out by the hour to other shooters. We had a couple of 9s full size and compact a 45 compact and a 40. Being a steel slide 45 man for years i had to see what all the fuss was about. Conclusion the 45 beat the heck out of me. The 9s were managable, but took some gettin use to. The 40 i shot well from the get go. i sometimes do some armened security work and with the liability issues my employers prefer i carry the glock. So with this i purchased a 22 with night sights 3 15 round mags. It definetly feels different in the hand, but once you get use to it it kinda grows on you. I recently bought a lonewolf barrel for it and i am shooting some lead thru it and its doing its job. I have to admit this particular glock in this caliber i like alot. And it feels good on the hip during a long day on the job as compared to my full size 45s. They definetly have their place in life. I will say it will be a keeper. Jack
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