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Glock Reliability

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I own three Glocks, two 45 and one 9mm. Due to there design I think they have reliability down to an art. :D
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how accurate are your .45s and what models are they, I have been halfway looking at the 36 as a carry gun.
I have a 27 and it is pretty accurate. Never had a stove pipe or any other type of failure.
ssnell said:
how accurate are your .45s and what models are they, I have been halfway looking at the 36 as a carry gun.
I have a 21 and a 30. Even though the 30 is a compact it is a little better shooter for me than the 21. This could be due to the fit of the gun and not the gun itself, I dont know.
I would think the 36 would also be a good shooter, just a little thinner grip.

Honestly, I love my 45s but the gun I carry most is a 19. Its thinner, lighter and holds 15 rounds of 9mm. Very accurate.
Hope this helps. :D
Thanks, I guess I'll have to go hold a 19 once.

I had a Taurus pt145 that was just about perfect as far as carry size, but the frame broke after about 200 rounds, so I sent it back for repair, got it back 6 weeks later, and with the new frame it held one less round, and the frame cracked again after about 350 rounds, so I sent it in again and when it came back I sold it. Since then I have been through five different guns trying to find "The One" so thank you for the recomendation!
I own the 21 and really like it but it is abit heavy to carry,I have a bad back and weight is important,I want to stay with glocks cause earthquakes happen more than glocks fail(direct quote from media director of Louisianna state police)so I'm looking at the small 10mm glock for carry.I also own a mod 19,9mm.The only 2 I own have never failed to fire.Drop-Shot
I vote for Glock, it has fewer moving parts. :wink:
Rev. said:
I vote for Glock, it has fewer moving parts. :wink:
I didnt think about that.

Yeah I own a sig but im going with glock here.
Glock...the Sig has a hellacious first round double action trigger pull...!!!!!
I have a Glock 19 and 36, and they both shoot better than I can. The Fobus holster I have for the 36 also fits the 19. Same for the plastic mag pouch. And as far as relieable, the various gun rags have told of all the test done on them. I'd hate to drop a 1911 from a chopper or run over it with a truck. I do have a set of blocks for the 19, so one of these days I'll have to get the Ransom rest out.
I love my Sig 239, but the 9# trigger pull on the first round sucks. When I carry, it's either a Glock or a S&W snubby. Lately the 19 or the 940. That's just my opinion.
For reliability I haven't run across any complaints against the Glock. For Carry, Glock 23.
Glock reliability is renowned. You can't read a professional review of a glock product or probably talk to an educated gun instructor or journalist without it being mentioned and you hardly ever read about a FTF or FTE (and most of the ones you do read about are a one time event blown out of proportion by some bitter anti-glock dude who likes shitting the forums for a gun he doesn't even own). Reliability was the key reason I bought my 19. The catch is that the tolerances are not extremely tight which is what gives them such unparalleled feed and function. This compliance adds up to great but not awe-inspiring accuracy. Once you start tuning them up to increase accuracy, you tighten up all those tolerances and you start getting feed and eject pickiness. It's a nasty catch 22. You can build a match grade Glock but I wouldn't do it to my daily carrier. I'm not going to mess with anything besides the sights and possibly trigger on mine so I know it'll work when I need it to. After all, that's what I bought it for.
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