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Good .22 other than Ruger

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I would like to get me a ruger 22/45 Mark III (Mark II if I could find one) however as of right now I don't think I can afford one (I am still in college). Is there another good .22 that you guys would recommend for a little cheaper? Or should I just wait until I can afford the Ruger?
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When you buy "cheap", you usually get what you pay for. All the good .22 autoloaders are going to cost you.

Start hitting the gun shows; know what you're looking for, and know what it's worth. Remember... condition determines value. Also, you'll almost certainly NEVER get a super good deal from a dealer; the real bargains are the guys wandering the aisles trying to sell something.

Used guns to consider are the Rugers, the Colt Woodsman, the High Standard, and the Browning. Get a copy of the Blue Book and familiarize yourself with the model variations, the condition factors, and the values. A dealer will usually ask something over book, and settle for something close to book value. Private sales can run anywhere from outright thievery to about 90% of book. 75% of book is pretty typical.
I see Browning Buckmarks and Smith & Wesson 22As going on sale all the time. They are both good pistols. Keep your eyes peeled for a sale and you can come up with a good shooter on the cheap.
I have a S&W 2214, a short barreled .22 auto that I bought used. It has been great for me, and I'd recommend any of the metal frame S&W .22's.
If you find one of the plastic models, consider it-I have not shot one, but I understand from people who have they are a great value.
Many of the older High Standard pistols are now in the $700 and up range, and the new High Standard models are not as good.
Browning Buckmark has a great rep and large following, and it's hard to beat.

Search and shop till you find what suits YOU best.

Good hunting.

Wait. Cheap guns are more than a disappointment, they are dangerous. Save your pennies 'til you can afford a quality piece. In the meantime…
Keep an eye out for a used Ruger. No matter how battered and ratty it may look, it'll probably be OK as a stopgap. Forget about buying a used gun other than Ruger, as people who own Rugers typically under-appreciate them and will let a good one go, whereas people who own other marques will only sell on the basis of steel=gold.
You could live a long time and spend a LOT more and not have a better gun than a Ruger Mark I or Mark II Target. I haven't shot or handled any of the new Mark III's, so can't give an opinion on them, but careful reading may reward the judicious buyer.
Re: re: Good .22 other than Ruger

Cobra17 said:
How about a Walther P-22 ?

I think the Walther P22 is a nice looking gun too, and it makes me want one. HOWEVER... I have it on good authority that it is nowhere near the gun that the Ruger MK II or MK III is. Certainly not as accurate. Probably not as reliable.
I had a S&W 22A but I had a lot of trouble with it, and my research of various bulletin boards here on the internet has led me to believe that others have had some trouble too (although others of course love this gun). I ended up sending it back to S&W for their factory overhaul, but I was unsure if I would really trust it... so in the meantime, I bought a Ruger MarkIII. These are really nice guns. Hard to imagine needing anything nicer. Also hard to imagine settling for anything less. If you are talking about buying a GUN... get the best one you can afford... you are probably going to have it for the rest of your life... a few hundred dollars more averaged out over that amount of time is probably pennies per use... for the safety (as someone else said) and enjoyment of owing a really good gun.

If you really want, I would sell the Smith for $ 150... full factory refurbished.
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