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good .22 pistol for begginer shooter

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hi i am looking for a good quality 22 pistol. i have looked at some such as the browning buck mark and walther p22. i am open to suggestions. i would also like to keep the cost under 350.
Thanks -Zac
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if youre old enough to buy a handgun, i would look for a gun rental range in your area and see if they have any of the ones you want to rent.

if not, make sure you can handle/feel them before you buy.

most people dont like the P22 since its been sort of iffy. I have one and its been a good gun but it will jam from time to time depending on the ammo used. just so you know, alot of 22 autoloaders can be picky with ammo. sometimes you have to test various ammo to see what works best.

dont overlook revolvers. you can find some used S&W K22/M17 or M18, Colts Troopers and such. they are great revolvers.

you maybe able to find a used Ruger pistol. but most people know they are worth the $$$ even used.
i bought a single action heritage rough rider revolver a 6.5 inch barrel for about 200 dollars. its the best 22 i have even if it is off brand or however you would like to put it. they are great guns. i highly recommend them.

Either a used MKII or a MKIII.
If you've little or no experience shooting a pistol then I'd recommend you go with a revolver instead of an automatic. Reason is that a beginner can pickup some really bad shooting habits if it becomes too easy to simply squeeze off another shot. A reasonable quality single action 22 revolver will give you really good service for alot of years without breaking the bank and it'll encourage you to think about what you are doing between shots. In addition, it makes cleanup alot easier than having to chase the empties from an automatic.
Depends a lot on intended use and also where you are located. For example, In PA where I live you cannot hunt with a Semiautomatic rifle or pistol. Shotguns are OK for small game but not deer or bear. A Browning Buckmark (which are good guns buy the way.) are only good for target or plinking. I chose a Ruger single 6 for that reason. You can get either a Ruger or Browning semi and be good to go. Good luck.
I'm basically a wheelgunner and l love revolvers. However, if you are just starting out I would suggest either the Browning Buck Mark, or the Ruger Mk. II or Mk. III. For one thing you can buy two good basic automatics for the price of a quality revolver. The Rugers are excellent little guns, but a lot of people have trouble reassembling them after they have been stripped down. But they are the best selling .22 automatic in the world. I've not owned a Buck Mark, but those I know that have them really like them. You can get either one under your $350 limit.
john1911 said:

Either a used MKII or a MKIII.
What John1911 says! I concur!
I bought a S&W 22A a while back. Not a bad gun, no real complaints. But I wish I had spent a little bit more, and gotten a Ruger MKII.

And, as mentioned, it is hard to go wrong with a .22 revolver.
A good affordable .22 revolver would be the Charter Arms. They have a target model with a 4" barrel. Not as good as a S&W, but costs half as much.
http://www.charterfirearms.com/products ... 72240.html
Re: good .22 pistol for beginner shooter

If my memory serves, I believe Ruger used to make an SP101 in .22LR there for a while. For some reason, I always thought that that would make a nice little "carry around in the woods" gun.

Anyone know if they still make it?
Unfortunately, in their finite wisdom, they elected to drop the .22 caliber SP101 from their inventory.

It is a fine, and fun, little pistol. Not as accurate as my S&W 17, but a great plinker and accurate enough for woods/survival gun.
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