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Gopher hunting

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It is getting to be that time of year up here when the gophers (actually 13 striped ground squirrel but the locals all call them gophers) come out. There were some out earlier but with the rain and colder weather (even snow) we've been having they went back underground. How does this fit in with pistols? Well, my favorite way of removing them is with a handgun. Most common is with a centerfire of some kind as I carry one with me often but this year I plan on using my new scoped Buckmark. It is amazingly accurate, standard Remington Goldens group well within a minute of gopher at 30 yards in field positions and I don't think I'm going to have much problem thinning the population out with it.
In the meantime I have a mauradering skunk to hunt down.
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id try useing a .22 cal ( id chose a rugar mark3 hunter) and have some fun filling them and with hardly and recoil it sure makes shooting enjoyable and fun
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