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Got a scare today.....

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I have a Beretta model 20, .25 ACP pistol. It's a very small gun. Well i was out shooting today, and when i pressed the rigger , nothing happened. I saw that i left the saftey on, and while keeping the barrel pointed downrange, i clicked the saftey off. Right when the saftey clicked down the gun went off. I unloaded the gun, and checked it out. I found that when you have the hammer cocked and the saftey on, pulling the trigger makes the hammer move forward a little bit. Then right when you click the saftey off the hammer falls. I was pretty shocked by this. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this?
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I would talk to beretta and send that in to be fixed.
this is not an uncommon occcurance with many guns, not just this particular one. It is a design "flaw" if you will that the manufacturer may not be able to change. I have seen this on a number of differnt pocket pistols of varying quality and manufacturing time periods. It doesn't hurt to contact Beretta but don't get your hopes up that they can or will do much about it.
Live and learn----good thing that muzzle was in the right direction :wink:
You might replace the firing pin spring just to be sure, but this may not be a problem with the pistol at all; sometimes a round just doesn't go off--even though the primer is struck solidly. I've never had a situation like yours where there was delayed fire, but at the local range, protocol is always to wait a moment before ejecting the round (this is something that happens semi-commonly on the trap range.
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