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I was talking to my Son's wife’s grandpa. His name is James and he turns ninety this year. Grandpa says this pistol was his dad’s and was given to him in Utah in 1936. He says it’s a 44 but that is all he knows except for the six notches in the handle. It was supposed to belong to a desperado in Utah.
Any help with the identification would be appreciated. I want to put together the history for my grandson Alex. This Smith and Wesson model three belonged to his GREAT GREAT GRAND FATHER. My Nephew is a gun smith and maybe we can restore it. This gun is in poor condition and not worth much but is a big part of the family history. Alex is nine years old and is a shooter like most of the family.

Any information would be of great help as I know nothing about model three s&W
The serial number is 1689
I will measure the cylinder and post an update.
Please see the pictures.
Thanks in advance


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