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Here is a picture of a Ruger 44 Flattop that has stabalized double dyed Gold/Black boxelder burl that I did afew years back! I posted another picture of a colt on this forum/ Hunting under the thread about Meplat. This material is super hard and is waterproof and really looks different! I will keep posting different grips I have done in this material/colors to let folks see!

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Doesn't this belong in the gunsmithing section of the board?
:) Just a suggestion... when photographing most things, the photographer does better to use solid backgrounds to give the eye a better chance to discern the patterns, shades, etc of the object being photo'd. JMHO
///olde 8) pharte///
Not much good with a camera or a computer :wink:
John, that's a spectacular set of grips. :D

Did you use a belt grinder and polishing wheels on it? I've used various burls and they'll burn up saw blades, dremel tips and a heck of a lot of sandpaper!

Do you make grips for sale?

Thanks for sharing. :wink:
It was suggested that i post pics of grips on gunsmith section so there are more pics over there.

Paul F, yes I have done grips for folks in the past when i have time. Yes I have a buffing wheel and I use it mostly on the stabalized wood because it is so hard.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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