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It was suggested that I post these pictures of grips that i have made in the past here on the gunsmith area of the forum so here goes. The top pic is my Colt NF 44 special with double dyed Red/Black Box Elder Burl. 2nd pic is a friends 45 with big leaf oregon maple. 3rd and 4th pics are two different colts with big leaf oregon maple. I will try to post better pics in future when time allows.

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John, the Oregon maple grips are all beautiful; can't say I really like the red/black burl, but that's just me.

Nice work.
wow those are awesome. I need to learn some woodworking skills.
Beautiful! I'd like to find some grips like those for my N frame Smiths.

Those are absolutely beautiful!!

Forgive my ignorance, but are you a do-it-your-selfer, or do you make & sell them as well.
It looks like John was only active here from late April to mid May. His email is in his profile though.
Those grips looks great. Awesome craftmanship! I love the look of burl. What kind of finishing products do you use?

My only concern with any kind of burl is how stable it is. As an occasional wood worker I've experienced instability (chip out & brittleness) with many types of burl woods, especially those that are handled frequently without a durable finish. Most problems I have noticed have occurred with exotic burls though.

Do you do any work with dense birds eye maple or curly cherry?

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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