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I have one of the subject .45 autos. It is gold engraved with scenes from the 1991 Gulf War. Springfield Armory says less than 500 were made.

Anyone have any information of this model?

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As with all of the other "commemoratives", in order for this to have any value beyond the parent firearm, it must be unfired, in the original box, with all the original paperwork (manual and hanging tags). And then, you need to find someone who's interested in collecting commemoratives - most of these things turn out to be an albatross around your neck.

If it doesn't meet the above requirements, it's a Springfield GI 45..... about $500 new.

The strangest part of this whole affair is that, by the Gulf War, the Army had switched to the 9x19 Beretta 92, and was no longer using the .45ACP 1911..... shouldn't a "Gulf War Commemorative" be a Beretta 92? Go figure.

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wwb, I'm with you! However, since Springfield doesn't make the Model 92 they had to use something. :lol:

Mine meets all of the criteria in your paragraph 1. I had a case built for it and it only comes out for an occasional cleaning/oiling. Makes a great conversation piece. The only reason I bought it (from a dealer) was it has scenes from the F117's, B-52's, Skuds, Tanks, etc. It really covers all aspects of Gulf War I.

And I had a son over there! He gets it some day - and he keeps asking, "When?"

I was just curious if anyone else had one.
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