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Good day!

Straight forward request: Only ten line response needed!:
Forum members, would you please list the top 5 pistols you would own (specific models, not just "1911") and also list your opinion of the top 5 pistol manufacturers. Both lists in order of preference.

I'm hoping that experienced members (persons having shot many different makes and models) will respond with their choices. For others with less shooting experience that have not used, or are unfamiliar with the makes and models they list please annotate the list so I know it is an opinion from your own research versus an opinion of "hands on" experience.

Why? I am considering purchasing a handgun and would like to see if their is a consensus among forum members regarding particular makes and models. From there I will investigate further into a gun that suits my needs

Of course, I welcome an overview of your choices but please do not turn this into a debate with other members on their choices!

Thank You to all who take the time to respond :>
Take care!

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Top five I do own by preference.

1. Colt Python 8" barrel .357 magnum

2. S&W 27-2 5" barrel nickel .357 magnum

3. Colt Custom Shop Model O 1911 .38 Super

4. IMI "baby" Desert Eagle (aka Jericho in Israel) standard size 9mm

5. Sig P229 .40/.357 SIG

Top Manufacturers IMO

1. Older S&W's. The new S&W's have internal locks and I refuse to own one. I had one new Smith and mechanically it was an excellent gun but I don't trust the lock and despise it on principle.

2. Colt. Overpriced and they have largely ignored the civilian market but the used Colts are excellent weapons and can be had for reasonable prices.

3. Springfield Armory. I feel the SA 1911's are the best value in the 1911 market. I own a standard Milspec and a custom Long Slide V-16 and the fit and finish are top notch. The XD is a good gun if you like that style also.

4. Ruger. Its what I carry. Rock solid, built to last and reasonably priced. They work and they last forever.

5. SIG. I only own one and it functions flawlessly without exception. I like that they don't have a safety to worry about. Used SIGs are a great value but I think the new guns are overpriced.

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My top five handguns:
1 Kimber Custom II 1911
Accurate and reliable. My "go to" gun when something goes "bump" in the night.
2 Ruger 4" Redhawk .44mag
Powerful and accurate. My "woods bumming" and hunting revolver.
3 Ruger 4 5/8" Blackhawk .41mag
Easy to pack and shoots good. Ammo is expensive.
4 Ruger Mark II 4" .22
Economical and fun. Great for small game.
5 T/C Contender G2
Just about the ideal hunting handgun.

Top 5 manufacturers (IMO)
1 Ruger
Best gun for the money. Tough and reliable. Triggers could be improved in some models.
2 Kimber
I'm more than satisfied with mine.
3 Smith & Wesson
They make some beautiful revolvers. Not crazy about the locks.
4 Glock
Reliable guns, ugly as sin (IMO). :oops:
5 Springfield Armory
Prefer the XD over the Glocks. They make nice 1911s.

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Thanks for the replies so far!
I hadn't looked into Rugers thus far but will.

Nice pictures too
I hope I get some more responses so I can get a clearer picture of what the handgun world relies on

Take it easy

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Are these going to be the only replies?
I wasn't trying to put people off by my first post, but instead trying to be specific to keep the thread from dissolving into something else as so many others seem to do.

I was attempting to create a thread that would help new and potential owners see what gun names are trusted the most. Please pitch in!

Have a great day!

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TJ, it would be helpfull to know what the intended purpose of the gun will be. Home defense, CCW, duty weapon, plinking in the back yard etc. Different purpose means different gun.

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Okay, I shoot 3 gun and tactical match competition the pistol of choice for me is the Beretta FS 92 why well I like it. I don't need a fancy gun. Beretta makes quality. For what I do I don't need "stopping power" I just need an accurate high cap pistol and the 92 FS fits that bill.

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I have 23 handguns. I know that's not many compared to some folks around here. They have different purposes. Some for self/home defense, some for hunting, but most are just for fun.

I don't buy cheap crap either. I believe that you get what you pay for.

I don't think anyone can honestly list the top five manufacturers in order. It simply becomes a matter of opinion, because all of the top manufacturers make excellent guns that work. Some perfer the way one feels, the sights, the capacity, etc., etc., etc. Also, what is this gun for???????????????

I like wheelguns. I like the way they feel in your hand (the grip doesn't have to accommodate a magazine running through the middle of it). Plus, you don't have to go chase your brass at the range.

DA revolvers, I like Smith & Wesson the best. I have J, K, and N frames in .38 (638, 10), .357 (19, 66), .45 Colt (25-10) and .41 mag (57). These are mainly self defense guns. I could hunt with the .41 mag, but it's sort of a "all purpose" gun.

The finest DA revolver is of course the Colt Python, but good luck finding one. Plus, it will be over priced. I have a Grizzly and an Anaconda, and they are both excellent firearms.

Rugers are also excellent DA revolvers, once you get a trigger job. Built like tanks designed to survive a nuclear blast.

SA revolvers, Freedom Arms. Hands down. Rugers for the common man who wants to hunt or shoot for fun and just can't justify the expense of a Freedom Arms. Warning: Don't get a SA revolver if you plan on owning just one. You can't do it.

Semi-autos. Well, there you run into trouble. So many good ones out there.

I like Glock. They have been tested and tortured by more governments and agencies than any other handgun out there. Not to mention just plain folks trying to destroy one. They keep shooting when others don't. I've carried a Glock 21 for 14 years now and feel naked without it.

That said, I would not hesitate to carry a Sig (really like the 220), H&K, CZ, Para Ordinance, Springfield, Kimber, Ruger, S&W, Beretta, Browning, . . . Well, you get the idea.

You can find at least one of something the big names make that you can like and shoot just fine.

The only company that I have had major trouble with, and will not buy another gun from is Taurus. They're second stringers anyway.

Bottom line (since we do not know the use for this gun), go hold them. One is gonna just feel so good in your hand, and look so good, and be in the caliber you want, and you'll just know it's the gun for you. Everyone here has their own personal opinion, but none of that really counts a whole heck of a lot. YOU gotta find the one right for YOU.[/b]

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Re: re: Gun and manufacturer ratings

Roadkill Bill said:
.....I don't buy cheap crap either. I believe that you get what you pay for......[/b]
I've always said, "Life is too short to own crappy guns."

For the range, it's a either K-frame Smith (I have several to choose from) or a Ruger Mark II Target with Volquartsen guts.

Hunting bunnies, it's an Old Model Super Single-Six

Hunting bigger critters, it's a Super Redhawk in .44 Mag

Packing in the woods, it's either a Ruger Security-Six or an Old Model Blackhawk in .357 - all depends on my mood at the time

The safe is occupied by a varity of shotguns and rifles.... Winchester (old ones), Marlin, Ruger, Savage, and Remington.

Despite my obvious preference for wheelguns, I'll admit to having two bottom feeders..... both 1911s in .45 ACP.... and both Colts.
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