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I know that I am asking alot. I have been trying too decide between these three pistols. obviously, the H&K and Sig are about twice what the XD is. but, I like the features on the H&K.

Just hard too justify the difference. the exact pistols are as follows. H&K USPD9SD,Sig P226 and XD9404HC

I would appreciate any opinion on any of these.



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re: H&K Tactical 9mm vs Sig Tactical 9mm vs XD Tactical


I hate to see a fellow shooter post and not receive an answer.
So this may be a little late but better than never, right.

You asked about three very good, quality firearms and IMHO you could not go wrong with any of the three.

having said that, are you in a position to be able to go to a range for example where they have a rental program and shoot all three?
This is the best of all worlds when it comes to actually choosing the right gun for you or your family members.
But not all have the ability to do so.
Next would be to have a friend who has them and would take you out to shoot theirs for you once again to get a hands on.
If not, then go to your local gun store and handle them all and I mean do everything but shoot them. I would even get the managers to help you wirh a basic holster selection just to try to see how they feel if you plan to carry at all.
But get as much time with them in your hand to feel what fits you best. Do not take others word for how good they feel, only you can answer that and you are going to put out a lot of money so one wants to be right if possible.
You would be surprised at how many people buy expensive handguns only to find for some reason they DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING ABOUT THEM once they get them home.

I own and operate an indoor shooting range and we have a rental program with every one of the top of the line handguns in stock and available for people to try befor buying.
We even help other dealers in our area and they have been very appreciative of this ability. We send their customers back to them to buy once they have found the gun they like and feel best with. The other dealers have contacted us to say how much their customers appreciate this situation and how much it has helped with customer satisfaction.

Now back to your situation.

I have all of the guns you are looking at and most of them have in excess of 100,00 rounds through them before they go back in for replacement at the end of a year of rental agreement.
This is far more than most people will shoot a handgun in two or theree lifetimes. But the reason I mention it is to show you that any of the guns you mentioned are excellent. You can own and shoot them without any fear of failure.

As for one over the other. I personally like the feel and fit of the XD over nearly every "safe action" pistol made. They align with the bones in the forearm better than the Glock and I don't give much credence to any of the other manufactureres beyond those two for this type of action.
The S&W Sigmas for example have been junk since their inception and the poor law enforcement people who were made to buy them couldn't get rid of them fast enough.
The XD series when they first came out and I put them in the rental counter were excellent immediatley.
I had shooters who I knew were long time Glock guys take them out and using their own ammo try these guns to see how they compared with their Glocks.
To a man and woman, they all outshot themselves with the XDs the first time they tried.
It is an excellent firearm and will save you a lot of money and they do have the additional safeties on them which some people prefer.

As for the others, I have been a 1911 man for too many years for me to become cmfortable with the double or double,single action triggers.
I like, prefer, love if you will the crispy, single action only pull of the 1911 and the cocked and locked safety of that firearm.

But I do own and shoot an XD 9 on occasion and now carry almosy exclisively a P7 M8.

I am having to spend a lot of time with it to become as good as I have been with my 1911. I do NOT take the carry of any new frame lightly and as soon as I made up my mind to begin the carry of the HK I started spending at least three days a week on the range and with every aspect of defensive shooting.
I even spend time with barracades and low light shooting practice.
It is important beyond anything you can do if this is your choice of Home defense weapon or for that matter concealed carry.

I hope this helps a little. I know there are sooooo many questions and do not stop asking them and finding answers before, during and after you buy.

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