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H&R Auto Ejector

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I stopped into a Gander store this evening that I was told was moving to check any sales. No sales had started yet, I surprised the manager by asking since that has not been made public yet. I stillhad to check out the used guns and there I saew my next purchases, a pair of top break H&R Auto Ejectors in 32 S&W. Asking price was pretty reasonable at $70 for the one and $50 for the other. The first was in very good condition, at least 85% with shiny chrome and worn but not torn or messed up original rubber grips and with the second closer to 50% as it has some pitting on the frame and barrel. I offered $100 for the pair and with a little thought the manager OK'd the deal. I picked up some additional odds and ends and when it came time to pay, I used a 15% off card I recieved in the mail and then charged it on the Gander card where I got another 5% back for future purchases. So, for a little over $80 I got two old, non-collectable, anemic, poorly designed, but interesting and working handguns. Not bad if I do say so myself. Now, I just have to find that box or two of 32 S&W that I think I still have hiding somewhere. I think they should be of about the same era so maybe shooting them wouldn't be a good idea as putting them together as a set might bring the value back to a bit over $100.
As Fuelburns2 signature line reads, "Help me, I'm buying guns and I can't stop."
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Sounds like you did very well for yourself. It might be a good idea to save the vintage ammo. Once its gone it can't be replaced. If you're happy with the guns then you don't have to worry about the value though. At least thats what I keep telling myself, especially with this rifle I just ordered.
Good find, Good find.

I wish I had some top-break revolvers...
I have to agree with Fuelburns2's sig line too. I stopped at a gun shop in Tontitown the other day just to kill time. :wink: I try to make sure they don't let a double barrel come and go too cheap, without me making a try for it. I found an old Hi-Standard Sentinel 9-shot revolver, with original box, and bought it well cheaper than one of those Heritage Rough Riders. Not the buy of the century I know, but I was happy about it. And what little shooting I've done with it, it seems to shoot good.
Between my gun habit and Harley parts, I'm sure glad I have an understanding wife. :D
I wish I had an understanding wife, she can't figure out how I can buy as much as I do without selling more things. She thinks I am cooking the books but can't catch it. Little does she know how much my side businesses really do bring in and I hope to keep it that way as I can regularly surprise her with things for the house or garden she would like but never buy for herself. The last was a garden shed to put in all her tools and a place to work on stick furniture. That all that was moved from the garage so I could have more room did not cross her mind; at least not yet.
hahahaaha. I find that touching. I know that when my mother married my father, she made him sell most of his guns. Poor man.
I'll never marry a woman who can't at least tolerate my hobby. Its part of who I am, like it or not.
If she tried to moderate my spending a bit I might understand though. :wink:
If you have the choice, marry a woman who at least has an understanding of the true nature of guns and a healthy respect. Just be sure not to cross her because you're dealing with somebody on equal grounds.

Great way to keep somebody from cheating, when their wife knows how to use a gun and only needs an excuse to.
It is important to set down some ground rules early in a relationship as it is much harder after marriage (don't forget to allow her some too). My wife knew I spent at least three and closer to four months a year hunting, fishing, field trialing, and/or competing in some shooting discipline long before we got married. In fact, getting used to that idea took several years before we agreed to tie the knot. It helps in some ways that she is also a shooter and is as interested in the outdoors as I am so many of our vacations are trialing/shooting/pleasure trips. My spending didn't really take a dive when I married fortunately, but it did not go up as we bought a cabin as soon as she sold her house. Now, instead of two paychecks to pay one mortgage, we have two mortgages. At least we spent the "extra" money on something that should actually increase in value and not on cars, boats, or other such items. Having a little extra to spend on her helps ease the time apart and helps keep the homelife happy. Having ulterior motives is also a factor; the shed was a means of getting her stuff out of the garage to make room for more stuff of mine. There is nothing that says a good deed can't help both parties.
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