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H4227 loads for 454 Cas. & Hrdy 240 gr XTP

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Hi out there... Does anyone have a load for or reference to one for a 454 Cas. using H4227 with a Hrdy 240 XTP bullet? Hodgdon only lists one load using H4227 in 454 and it's for a 260 gr. Fr. Arms bullet. My non-product manuals (i.e. Lyman etc.) all list for IMR4227 for a 240 gr. bullet.
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I don't remember seeing any off hand but a call or e-mail to Hodgdon will get you a good answer. I've gotten a number of unpublished loads from them and the return correspondence has been prompt and thorough. I usually like calling as other questions always seem to crop up and it is nice to be able to get immediate feedback. The last time I called I was on the phone for half an hour and ended up invited to shoot prairie dogs with J.B. I had to pass at the time but was told the invite still stands. Maybe this spring...
Thanks UD. I'm going to give that a try. I wasn't sure if they would or wouldn't have any additional data to share. Worth a call to find out...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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