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The only names mentioned on the application page is (was)
Charles A Stewart,Membership Manager and Gayle Anderson,Membership Director. After reading all 8 pages or so
and finding that I can become a Charter Member for only $18., I filed all the paper work in a neat stack right next to my new Cross Shredder.
Heck, For $18.00 I can buy an other box of ammo for one of my guns.

Come next spring, Don't forget to vote for our side. I just hope all gun owners wake up and see what is coming . The Democrat ticket is a scary one.. Can you believe they want my favorite trap and skeet guns just because they are both those awfull ,dangerous semi-autos. Even the little 10-22 that just fits my grand-daughter. So BE SURE To VOTE.

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Re: re: Handgun Club of America

1gsplover said:
Never heard of it. Is there a Brady,S. or a Clinton,H. or an Edwards,J. listed on the Bd. of Directors? :lol:
///olde :) pharte///

There's a Mitchell, J. though :)

The Handgun Club of America is a member of the NRA Business Alliance and the board is comprised of shooters who very strongly support the Second Amendment and the RKBA.

Don't get me started on Sarah Brady and her crew of hysterical hand-wringers.

The Handgun Club is really about shooters helping shooters by sharing their expertise with fellow members through our bi-monthly newsletter and website. Many of our members are talented writers and submit articles for print or web publication.

We also publish product reviews written by members. We get sample products from many manufacturers, send them out to members to review, and publish their impressions of the product in our newsletter. In exchange for their reviews they get to keep the product.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Josh Mitchell
Director of Operations
Handgun Club of America
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