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Hard Cast Bullets and The Marlin 1894

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The little Marlin 1894, in its various styles, has become a very popular brush gun! Marlin's Ballard type rifling is perfect for hard cast!.......The basic problem is finding one that feeds perfect. I have been hunting with a Marlin 1894P since they came out and find it is far more accurate tham anyone thought. I have also been a supporter of Marshall Stanton's Beartooth Bullets since 2000.....and have used/tested most of his 44 bullets in the field. I still wanted a 265 gr hard cast bullet that would feed all the time. Working with John Anderson, we designed one called the .44 Truncated Cone Wadcutter. John spent a great deal of time turning alum bullets until the nose and crimp groove that was perfect.
For those that want a large meplat bullet that will feed perfect, you shold contact him. We plan to have his bullets listed on Dixie Slugs in the Fall.....if we can get our web page updated.
We will still dicuss the various hard cast bullets, their loads, and design here on Pistol World.
Any help that John and I can do, let us [email protected] Slugs
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