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Have You Ever Heard Of This 9mm ?

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Has anyone heard of a Skyy CPX1 9mm ? If you have or if you own one could you give me some feedback on this compact 9mm as far as how it tested out at the range for you and your feeling on it for conceal carry. I know there are many reputable 9mm out there. This company Skyy has only been around since 2005. I just would like to hear some 1st hand info on it if I could. Thanks. :D
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Never heard of it. Looks similar to the Kel-Tec pistols, which are also made in Florida. Kel-Tecs work. I have owned a couple and still own a P3AT (great gun). I used to have a P-11 9mm, it worked as well. Really they are a good affordable concealed carry piece. I don't know about the quality of these Skyy pistols, but you never know. Could be a good gun. It takes some time on the market to let lots of shooters put lots of rounds through a gun. Even then, some good models don't get market acceptance and some not so good models do. Its all about marketing and brand recognition. We'll see if Skyy can make it.
This response is a little late but,
I own two of these nifty little 9's. (One black, one two tone)
Perfect conceal/carry size with enough umph to stop that bad guy.
It is a carry a lot, shoot a little pistol.
It feels good in your hand, it's fun to shoot, and has never failed to fire.
The ONLY problem I have had is that about one out of five to ten shots the casing ejects straight up.
Annoying at the range, but you won't care if the bad guy is coming!
And at less than $250, works for me.
I've had a CPX-1 for about a year now, with 5 -600 rounds thru it and without a problem. Some people love them and some bash them calling them a kel tec knock off. I would suggest you find one at a gun shop or gun show and handle both of them then decide. IMO the fit and finish of the cpx is miles above the kt and they don't require a 'fluff and buff' to operate.
There is a SKYY forum, if you go to www. skyyindustries.com there is a link there to the forom. Good luck.
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