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it is an 8 shot revolver
caliber - unknown
make - unknown...the only markings on it are either "RTS" or "TRS"

it also has a set of numbers stamped on the barrel - 163656

and it says made in italy

thats all thats on it.

any ideas?

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RTS = Ranch & Silva

Italian maker of firearms and starter guns.
I agree, I have several of the starter guns for dog training scattered around the basement, garage, and shed. That appears to be an older starter gun by the appearance of the frame, hammer, and barrel, silver colored ejector rod (made of zinc in mine, the newer ones are black plastic), and by how close the cylinder is to the frame (no forcing cone). I'm surprised the poster did not notice the "barrel" is not drilled all the way through. The starter guns could charitably be called "cheap" which is why they are scattered all over as I canibalize one to fix another. If by chance this is a "real" firearm, I would definitely deactiveate the firing mechanism pronto as it would probably be dangerous to fire.
I don't disagree, but why would a starter gun need to be EIGHT Shots?
Could the grip read "TR5"or"RT5"?? And is the barrel indeed drilled through??

Brainaxe said:
I don't disagree, but why would a starter gun need to be EIGHT Shots?
That would be a question that an official race starter might be able to tell us.

The current Cabela's catalog shows several eight shot start guns for sale.
Starter pistols typicaly had 8 rounds for the 8 events at a track meet requiring a start shot. A drilled barrel was common on older models (1970 or latter). 8 shot are also good for training hunting dogs, the dog will watch the shooter and if they reload each shot the dog will know when to start before the shot.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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