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OK, i need some more help on this revolver, and some the info i had before was incorrect. so if anyone could help identify the model. Maker is Rohm I believe

on the bottom of the handle it is stamped, "F.A.B. SACRAMENTO, CAL"

on the side of the barrel is "Cal. .22 LR"
and on the bottom of the barrel, "GERMANY" and then the serial number.

on the side of the frame is three stamps, i am not sure but the first might be an eagle obove an "N". the second looks like a shield with a simple 'criss-cross' pattern. and the third is kinda like a shield and has "68" inside it.

the cylinder is stamped with a buffalo.

the two piece black plastic grips have a bullalo on both the right and left grip.

on the handle under the grips is "HERBERT SCHMIDT" and the other side has "0 601"

now i found that Rohm is still in the firearms business, but thier website is completely in german and i dont remember enough german. http://www.roehm-rg.de/index.php?fil=si ... d=0&lang=d

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Your revolver was manufactured by:

Herbert Schmidt Waffenfabrik
in Ostheim/Rhon, West Germany

It was imported into the U.S.A. by F.A.B. which was located in Sacramento, California.

The first stamp you described is the West German definitive nitro proof mark (smokeless powder).

The second stamp is a West German Proof Mark, put on the gun by the Munich Proof House.

The third stamp is the year of manufacture/proof, which is 1968.

The combination of these three proof marks show that it was proofed with a smokeless powder cartridge at the Munich Proof House in 1968.

The model maybe the "Buffalo Scout". But you should know that Herbert Schmidt made many .22 western style revolvers, giving them such names as Buffalo Scout, Buffalo Frontier, Bison, Texas Scout, Pony Scout, ect...

Beginning in about 1972, RG Industries began importing Herbert Schmidt revolvers and the model Buffalo Scout was renamed the model 21S. Model 21S's continued to have a standing buffalo on each side of the black plasitc grip.

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This is nice to get some answers i have the exact same pistol but with white plastic grips but with 1 different marking and 1 missing mark. my grandfather passed and i received it. this is the first info i have been able to dig up on it. thanks for the info.


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Check with Numerich. May have schematic to help ID the model, or do a google search. A person can find out LOTS of stuff from the web. Chances are good that Numerich has the parts you need. For just about any firearm.
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