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Herter's 401 Powermag front sight

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I recently bought a Powermag. The front sight has been filed down, and it shoot about 2' high at 25yds.

I would like some advice on how to best fix this. The ideal would be to restore the gun to original condition.

Anyone know if the front sight is pressed in; silver soldered on; keyed? Is there any way to get an original, or replacement sight? Anyone know how tall it stood?

Any ideas/advice accepted.

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I dug out my old Rhur-American catalog and loked at the picture of the .401 and the front blade looks to stick up close to .500 above base on the barrel also the .44 and .357 powermags looked the same. I have never seen one but from the old Gun Digests articles they shot very well.
It shoots very nice, just 2 foot high.

About 1/2 inch is one of the guesses I had. I would love to know for sure though.

Thanks for letting me know that I'm in the ballpark.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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