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Hi Standard Double Nine problem

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I have a Hi Standard Double Nine W104 that I have owned for many years. Lately I have noticed that, with the cylinder open, the cylinder is loose (wobbly) and slides back and forth about 3/32 of an inch on the crane bushing. This results in the cylinder rubbing against the frame whenever the cylinder is open. In fact the ejector end of the cylinder has worn the plating off of the frame.

With the cylinder closed, the cylinder will move front to back about 1/32 which increases the gap between the cylinder and barrel.

Given that this is a well used firearm, is this a normal condition for the Double Nine of this vintage or should I start looking for a gunsmith crazy enough to attempt to fix this?

Any information is most appreciated.
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They can get pretty "wobbly" (to use your term) when open, and it's not a problem. 1/32" axial play when it's latched is a lot, however..... .010" to .015" is all that should be allowed. I'm not sure if the base pin on the top-break H&Rs can be shimmed, or if it needs to be replaced.
Thank you for your information. I measured the gap between the cylinder and forcing cone at .010 with the cylinder fully forward and at .018 with the cylinder fully rearward.

I removed the crane/ cylinder assembly from the frame and lo and behold there is no retention clip as shown in the IPB. In fact there is no place for a retention clip. The cylinder slides fore and aft freely, and "wobbly", on the crane bushing.

The gun is in great shape and still functions well, so I reassembled it and will leave it as is.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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