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How do you store your gun?

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Since my "new" used Ruger Single Sox came in it's cardboard box, I'm looking for a way to store it in my home.

My question is what kind of case can I put it in that won't damage the finish? I'm told cloth cases and foam lined cases are a no-no.

No kids around, so that's not a consideration. And the gun is kept with a trigger lock & unloaded. Quick access is not a concern.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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I bought one of those lockable, fireproof storage boxes for papers and files - look kind of like a bulky attache case. Got it at Sam's Club. It screws to the floor in a closet (or wherever). It was inexpensive and effective. It holds two or three full sized pistols w/o stacking, though I've had as many as six of various sizes in it. Guns were secure and dry.
Over the years since, I have bought a couple of gunsafes for storage in addition to that box but it still has pistols in it.
Small combination locked safes are readily available also for $30-100, depending on where you find them. Google Harbor Freight Tools and then search for Bunker Hill safes for a sampling.
I have a Gun Safe in the closet, bolted to the wall and floor. That stores all my long guns, shotgun, and ammo, along with a few other handguns. I also have room for some personal items too.
Then I have my CCW Springfield XD stored in my IWB holster (kydex) next to my surefire lite, in a drawer in my nightstand next to me.

Thats it...
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