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How does this law work?

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California Law says that you must carry your hand gun in the trunk of your car unloaded. But my question is where do your carry your hand gun if you don't have a trunk. I drive a Ford F350, and a Motorcycle. :?

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While I cannot speak with authority on California law (since California law is nutty as fruitcake compared to the rest of the country), I would hypothesize this:

The legislative intent behind the "trunk" law is for it to be in a locked and inaccessible location. Having ready access to the firearm is what they are concerned about more so than about whether its actually in a trunk.

Attempting to draw persuasive authority from Missouri law (what I'm most familiar with) having a gun locked away in a glove compartment (emphasis on the LOCKED glove compartment) has NOT been enough to make the weapon inaccessible for the purpose of the law. It needs to be MORE inaccesible than simply in a locked glove compartment. That would necessitate a separate storage location (hence the trunk).

My thoughts on the motorcycle/pickup situation.
1) For the motorcycle, if there is any lockable storage compartment, that would likely suffice. I am rather unfamiliar with motorcycles, so the specifics of your bike will dictate whether that is possible. Somewhere out of your reach and that is lockable is what you're looking for.
2) For the pickup (nice truck, btw...my grandfather taught me to drive in his), a locked compartment in the bed is what you'll want. In a big truck like that, I'm going to assume you have a toolbox of some sort. Make sure there is a lock on that, and you should be fine to legally store your firearm there.

As a disclaimer, as with any question of laws, when in doubt check with a applicable law enforcement personnel. I am not a lawyer licensed to practice in CA, and my suggestions and theories on applicable law should not be taken as substantive legal advice, merely an informed suggestion/theory.

Long story short: find a cop, ask them and do whatever they tell you.

ADDITION TO PREVIOUS POST: I did a bit more legal research and found these two sights which provide MUCH better legal guidance.

http://lee.org/blog/2007/06/01/legal-st ... alifornia/
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