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How many Glocks u got?

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Im the proud father of six and looking at seven. How about you?
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Just 2. A G26 and a G17 Atlanta Olympic Games Special Edition.
As a matter of fact a G26 is going to be my next. How do you like yours?
Geez Rev.
With all that money you could have bought a CZ75 and a S&W
686 and have two really good guns with a lot of money left for ammo.

Just kidding Rev. If the Glock rings your bell then pull the rope.
I've owned 4, thankfully I am now down to none. As I have said before, I think they are good guns but they just don't like me and I can't shoot them as well as with many others.
Re: re: How many Glocks u got?

Rev. said:
As a matter of fact a G26 is going to be my next. How do you like yours?
I like it a lot. 11 rounds of available ammunition in a sub-compact package. :D

Very accurate. It was my first Glock and I was very impressed. Excellent CCW!

I used to be a Glock hater until I actually fired one.
Just one, but so far I love it . . . a 39.
I just got my first ... a Glock 22. I've had a .40 cal S&W for a while and after I shot the G22, the Smith is for sale. I was a Glock doubter for a long time, then I had some range time with a friends Glock. My groups were much better, and consistent. The next one I think will be a Model 26, or 27. Anybody have one of those?
Keep em comming I love it.
Just one, a 21 that I've been carrying almost everyday for the last 14 years.
27 & 34 like them both.
Well I got the baby yesterday, G26.
Now I have, 17,19,20,21,22,26,30. I dont know what the next will be, but there will be a next. :wink: :D
26...first Glock 34 last year to replace a H & K USP..
Just the one right now. A Glock 19. Soon to add a Glock 26 though. I like the baby ones.

Maybe a 22 and a 23 as well, who knows. While I'm at it I may as well go all out and get the big 21 too!

I need help..... :p
G22,G23,G27,G21,G35 That would be actually 2-G22s and 2-G23s. That makes 7!
Geepers, you got quite a collection there! I'm impressed.
27(concealed carry) & 34(IDPA).
Seven/ 1-m20, 1-m21, 1-m30, 1-m23c, 2-m27, 1-m26. And love them all...
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