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Hey guys and gals;
I had some fun over the past several months playing with ammo again just to see for myself what if anything I want to "carry" for my protection and of course the answer is still the biggest that I can shoot comfortably so that I will at the same time be as accurate as possible and therefore by delivering at least one shot if not more to the threat I will change their mind, (stop) the threat.
So often we talk about Knock down power and stopping power and I think even though we mean well we often confuse. Even when we discuss firearms and use terms such as "wheel gun" or "rounds", hell everyone knows what those are right. Wrong, no they don't so be careful when approached as you may be visiting with a first time buyer who has "never" even read about or looked at guns to date. You are their first contact. Keep it in mind as you may very well drive a person away for good as no on wants to be seen or thought of as "uneducated" or stupid for the lack of PC.

Ugly Dog and WD and XD just to name a few on here have given wonderful advice to me and so many others as they come here for help and they and others have a wealth of info and knowledge they willingly share, I come here often to find the answers to questions that I may have and I fell I always go away knowing more than when I came. So thank you to all who have contributed to my knowledge and education over many years.
I have been putting more emphasis on simplicity and basics to my students. For those of my students who come for their instructor ratings they get a real dose of "KISS" for that very reason. You never know what the experience level is of the person who has come to you for advice. Help them, do not inadvertently drive them away or to someone who may be less able to help them but better able to articulate on their level.
Perhaps as I get older I hope to become somewhat wiser if I pay attention.
Now to the ammo thing I began.
Every one of us has been asked the age old question, which is the best for Self Defense and which should I get for me or the wife and you have all answered it many times, wisely.
We all know there is no one answer that "fits all". There is not one single pill that will fit every ailment, period. The situations we get ourselves into are just to far reaching to be able to fix it with a specific gun or one caliber, it just does not work. Example, how many different types of killing machines does our army alone field to dig out and destroy our enemies. If there were one answer or one tool would they not all have it?
We are no different and our troubles are just as diversified in scope at the time as are theirs, every bit as terrifying and ugly or any other adjective and it is so personal when it is in OUR face.
How do we stop it and with what?
Having been there once and surviving I can tell you it cannot be big enough or bad enough or loud enough or powerful enough. But the one thing that has remained deeply ingrained in my psychy for all these years since was how bad I wanted him to stop shooting at me. It was the most overpowering and mind numbing sensation or need or feeling that I have ever experienced and I could not make it stop quick enough.
I did and I will always believe their was divine intervention and more luck than I have ever experienced in my life before or after. I am alive today perhaps due to a tiny bit or dab of ability or accuracy, but a wagon load of luck and I am still here and he is not.

Now what or how big the tool may be important but the one thing that was critical in ending my threat was HITTING him with something. I am convinced we put too much emphasis on power or caliber and not enough on placement, hitting.
All of you have shot lots of calibers. Most of you have also killed something with some or all of these calibers and if not have witnessed the killing of things with many different calibers.
A 22 will kill just as dead and just as often with one shot as will a 3006, right.
I spent a bunch of hours shooting cadavers with 22 380 and 32 auto recently and this after having done the same with 9MM 40 and 45 ACP and using HP, Self defense ammo just to see what the wound cavities or damage would be with all of them.
I am not scientific and my personal studies have nothing to do with writing a book to tell everyone how smart I am or what bullet works the best under given circumstances to make it the new wonderkind of the world.
Mine are very basic, simple and fun but to me and perhaps to some of you just as telling because it is simple and from a simple guy who wants to always have "something" to stop the threat if and when it occurs.
I left my horrible confrontation many years ago with one undeniable truth that to this day I cannot deny or omit. I cannot leave my home without something that I can use to stop a threat no matter where I am going or what I am going to do. I must have it or I cannot leave the house and I am finally and without a doubt just as comfortable with my nine shot Taurus 22 revolver as I am with my custom carry 1911 45ACP and I am as serious as I can be with that decision.

The one thing that stands out to me after my tests with my own guns and those of my students is that regardless of age or sex or size, the one caliber that the most people shoot with the most accuracy time after time is the 22 in one or another configuration. They simply and nearly always hit what they shoot at under every circumstance that I have created for them to overcome.
The larger the caliber, read that the more felt recoil and for the ladies the more noise, the less hits even under favorable stand-up shooting conditions.
What I also found is the damage done by the new CCI Velocitor ammunition I do not say this to sell their ammo, I say it because I think you as I, would be amazed at the damage these little slugs did to cadavers. I also tested them against some live prairie dogs and out to 100 yards the damage was nearly as bad as was that of my 223 and 22-250 ammo. It literally blows them apart. It ws more damaging than their "Stinger" ammo even though the stinger is faster.
The new Hornaday Self defense ammo in 380 is also the most damaging and powerful 380 ammo that I have ever tested in all my years. They only have it in 380 38spcl and 32 auto at the time but soon to be out in the other calibers as well. The 380 Hornaday is now nearly 1100 FPS and the HP is filled with some substance to keep it from fouling with clothing to stop penetration. In my tests with the cadavors it had to penetrate the hides and this ammo did it with gusto and made horrible, large wound cavities. What I am saying is that I would also be very comfortable with any of the quality 380 handguns using this ammo as well as the 32 auto.
Never before have I admitted to that with these calibers.
So for me and for the people who ask me the questions it is which gun you choose and do not worry about caliber. If you hit what you shoot at under MOST circumstances.
So it goes back to what so many of you have advised the people who ask,
Try to find a range in your area with a rental program and shoot as many of the models as you can until you find the ONR gun that fits you the absolute best and pick the caliber that you are the most comfortable with because they will ALL stop a threat one way or another IF YOU HIT IT TOO BEGIN WITH.
Then practice until you puke, to become and to stay as proficient as you can possibly be and stay that way.
Practice with your choice of gun and caliber constantly.
Take care all and I am truly sorry it has taken so much space to say what I wanted to say about the calibers my tests and how bad the ammo damages the meat I have been shooting.
But here it is if you can get through it all.


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Very well written review.

All I can say is, Good Job, and Thank You.

As always, Stay Safe.

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Good post UF
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