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HR M676 Split grip

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The grip on my .22 revolver has just split; the rear of the grip is threatening to pick up and leave the sides. I feel incredibly stupid; I dropped it while cleaning it.

Since H&R shut down in '86, should I send it to a gunsmith?
Or should i start looking for a replacement grip? If not that, then what?
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Try www.gunparts.com that is the website for Numrich Gun Parts. They handle a lot of old, unusual, and out of production parts, both new and used. You might also find parts at Brownells Gun Parts but they can be pricey for the average person as they deal mainly with gunsmiths. A furniture repair shop might also be able to repair it, prices can range from cheap to expensive depending on the shop. I had one do a guns stock for me and it only cost $15. Another shop quoted me over $100 for a similar job. I found a different option.
If all else fails consider an epoxy. I think you can find a replacement if you search persistently.
Many, many thanks. I will pursue each if I must.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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