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I guess I'm a S&W guy now...

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I just picked up a S and W model 19. It's nickel and it has a 4 inch barrel chambered in .357 Magnum, every revolver lovers favorite... :wink:

I'm looking for some dating information on this thing... I looked at Smith's website and they evidently don't make this model any more, and they don't have any lists of serial numbers so that I can date the damn thing. It can't be that old, but I've seen them on gunbroker.com that are as old as 1955.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Also, if you swing out the cylinder, the model generation is stamped on the frame.... something like "19-2" or "19-3" or...

I think the -5 was the last change to the M19, but don't have the book handy.

How about the other details..... pinned barrel? recessed cylinder? Target trigger & hammer? Target sights? Inquiring minds want to know.
Ok, I'll tell you what I can... I'm at a friends house and don't have it at the moment...

It's a 19-5 and it has target sights I know... What exactly is a pinned barrel and a recessed cylinder?

Ok, so I do not have a pinned barrel gun, but it does have a recessed cylinder.

Does that help any?

Call the companies toll free number and tell the person the serial # and they will tell you when it was made.
Looking to buy one of the Model 17 Brazilian pieces. Not looking for a wall hanger... but not one towed behind a tank, either. Please email me pics, description and price.

Also looking for a K22 or other S&W .22 revolver. Thanks

[email protected]
Congratulations on your new gun and welcome to the S&W family. The 19 is a fine weapon, and you are really going to enjoy shooting it. The only problem I have found, is that once you buy a S&W wheelgun, one isn't enough. You'll want a K-frame snubbie with a 2.5 or 3" barrel for concealed carry; then an N-frame for major blasting and hunting; then maybe a little J-frame to stick in your pocket; by then you'll be shooting mainly .38s in your 19, so you'll have to get a 686 for your magnums . . . . It just goes on and on.

Ain't it wonderful! :mrgreen:
Re: re: I guess I'm a S&W guy now...

Roadkill Bill said:
The only problem I have found, is that once you buy a S&W wheelgun, one isn't enough.
. . . . It just goes on and on.

Ain't it wonderful! :mrgreen:
There was a time I would have laughed at this but it's so true. I now own five S&Ws and I still want several more including the model 19. The triggers on Smith guns are so very nice. :wink:
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