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I have a dilemna

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I have too many guns!!! Actually, I have too many wants and not enough cash. To fund my latest toy I have to get rid of a few guns and need some help deciding which ones. A good place to start is with my carry/service pistols. I am very top heavy in this department and feel I need to pare this down a bit. For inventory I have a 40 cal S&W Sigma, 3 Springfield XD-40s (one of each size), a Kel-Tech P-40, a Springfield Service in 45 ACP and a Springfield Ultra Carry (Officer sized wide body 1911) in 45 ACP. Of these I will definitely keep the XD-45 and the Kel-Tech (it fits in an ankle holster or pocket very well). The Sigma is definitely going out the door. The rest I'm in a quandary over. I'm thinking of getting rid of the Ultra Carry as I can't carry it anymore due to department rules and it is a bit heavy to comfortably carry though I did it often enough. This difficulty is mainly in the summer when I'm wearing shorts. It is also the only duty/concealment weapon I have that has a safety and wonder about remembering to flick it off if needed. I want to keep it as it is extremely accurate and my only 1911.
The XD-40s are a tougher call. I'm thinking of keeping the 4" Service model as it will interchange holsters with the XD-45 and is a better concealment gun due to its shorter butt. I can also get a drop in 9mm barrel for inexpensive practice rounds or as a different gun for my wife. It is also handy enough for IDPA or whatever the local indoor range throws in the winter months which i am thinking of trying. I want to sell it as it similar enough to the 45 that it may be possible to mix them up which may not be the best for a duty situation. As the middle child, I don't have the attachment to it that I do to the other two.
The 5" Tactical is the one I'm most considering keeping but maybe not. I bought it initially as a duty gun as I thought the longer barrel may help attenuate barrel flip. I can get the drop in 9mm barrel for this also and it isn't any harder to conceal than the Duty model. The longer barrel is also why i want to get rid of it. It does reduce barrel flip to an extent but it is also nearly impossible to find a decent duty holster due to the length. Safariland makes one but for the 100+ sheckels they want it is a bit steep. Its handling is also a bit nose heavy which is a slight distraction. It also shows the most wear as there are some dings and scratches in the slide from use.
I'd keep the Sub Compact as a carry gun as I do have the XD-45 for the matches. It is easier to shoot well than the Kel-tech and should last much longer. The negatives are it is bigger than the Kel-tech making it a bit harder to conceal, normally carries the same 10 rounds as the Kel-tech, is as long as the Duty model if the finger extention is used on the magazine, carries only 10 rounds vs 12 of the Service, isn't as accurate as the Duty, is too big for an ankle holster, can't get a 9mm barrel for it, won't accept either of my Taclights on the rail, and it just looks plain ugly.
So, which would you keep, which would you sell, and why. (No Paul, I am NOT going to get rid of all but the Ultra.) My reasons are unable to trump my natural inclination to hoard so I'm calling for help. I do feel I have to keep one of the XD-40s as I have too many 40 cal brass and bullets to shoot through the Kel-tech. It'd take at least a decade to get through all that with the Kel-tech, longer if people keep buildng in the area and close down the backyard. And sorry, no private sales. The shop that is consigning the guns for me will take the sale price as a trade on another item thereby saving me that portion of the sales tax. With a consignment fee of only 10% saving the sales tax of 6.5% isn't a bad deal and I feel their willingness to work with me is well worth the little profit they will gain. I hope this makes sense, I need some sleep. Good night
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My suggestion would be to sell the Sigma, as stated, sell the 5" XD since you can't find a holster for it then keep the rest. I don't see selling a 1911 when it's the only one you have but that's just me. It might help to know how many you need to sell.

I have ten handguns now so I'm not the right guy to answer this question. If I were in your situation I would sell what I don't like and use then let the paychecks accumulate.
I just reread my original post and, man, was I sufferring from adrenaline withdrawl.
I am pretty much following your suggestions but I am still going to sell a few more. I think I'm going to keep the 4" XD-40 even though it is the middle child. The 1911 is going to go as I think there may be some problem remembering the safety if needed sometime in the future as the other guns essentially have no safeties and it just doesn't carry IWB as well as the others. The Tactical and Subcompact are going too; the Tac for the holster reason and the SC because it really isn't that small.
I'm selling these guns (and a couple others) to get an ATV. My wife is able to buy a new Polaris at the employee price (which is really good) and my favorite all purpose sports shop is handling the transaction on a layaway/consignment basis (they don't normally do consignment). The wife took a promotion which actually lead to a short term decrease in wages which necessitates the sale if we are to take advantage of this offer. It is much easier to come up with a few hundred dollars for a gun deal than a few grand for this vehicle.
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Sounds like a fun new toy. Do yourself a favor though and try not to sell anything you will miss. I did that with a shotgun I had and bought two more of them the next week (package deal).
Yeah, I'm trying to pick that which are redundancies and I do not use much. Age is creeping up on me and it is getting harder and harder to pack lumber back in my woods to build benches and bridges. Right now I load what I can onto a tobaggan and pull it out. it isn't too bad up to 3/8 ths of a mile but now I'm getting out to 1/2 mile or more. The benches aren't so bad, two trips on the tobaggan and everything is out there but the bridge is a real bear. 80' long by 5' wide with a hand rail is a lot of 2' stock lumber and 4x4 posts to carry out. Plus I have a pull behind brush cutter I can borrow so I won't have to keep trails open by hand. I guess I'm just getting lazy.
10 handguns?? That's all!!?? It is a good start (I know, I know, I've had a few years start over you, I've lucked into a few dollars, and I live in an area that had less expensive prices on guns. Thanks to the Internet that is changing.) and my wife wishes I was down to that few. At least I don't have to keep them at home thanks to a relative's walk in vault. It is a thing of beauty and something I'm going to put in when I build my next house, I'll sell the idea to the wife as a storm shelter.
Thanks for the reply, it pretty much confirmed my ideas and that I wasn't missing something.
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