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I love my Auto Ordnance!

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This is my 1911A1 Auto Ordnance. It's got a rugged G.I. Pakerized finish and it shoots great. I love this gun!
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Im my opinion that 1911 has about the best bang for the buck in 1911's. Not a bad shooter either.
Never shot or even handled one. How's the price compared to Springfield? :?
They're significantly cheaper than springfield and other than having to replace a bad extractor recently I can't complain with the quality. The gun is now working very reliably and I have no complaints. Some people complain about Thompson 1911's as being unreliable and low in quality but I haven't really experienced anything to make me feel that way? Now that Khar Arms has taken over the company things are even better with an improving reputation, cheap prices and good quality. You can pick one up new at Gander Mountain for $375!
Have a Commander sized AO in .38 Super that I have refinished and tricked out...it is a pleasure to carry and shoot..!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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