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I love my Springfield Mil Spec

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I love this gun! No difference in feel or carry from the old Military Issue. :D

Shortly I'll be picking up a very mint 1960 Colt Commander in .38 Super... after all the Springer needs a little buddy! :wink:
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What is the difference between the mil spec and the GI?

as far as I can see it is only the sights, but the Mil costs over 100$ more. I want a GI (so its cheaper) but in 38 super so I got to go with the 38 super Mil-spec. Save the $$ upgrade to the .45?

can someone explain, or find me a 1911 in 40S&W for a good price. ( under 500$ )
The sights, polished feed ramp and lowered and flared ejection port. Thats the differnce between the Gi and the Mil-spec. I am trying to find a mil-spec right now... :?
They sure are great .45's! I own one and love it.
That's a beautiful 1911 and kudos on the .38 Super!
Just got my Mil Spec last night! Can't wait to shoot it! 8) 8)
Just got my Milspec today. Feels great. My finger is twitching with anticipation.
I have had a springfield mil-spec for about 2 years. I bet i've put about 1000 rounds through it and it is great. It is just as accurate and reliable as my kimber. it is really a thrill to shoot.
had my mil-spec for a yr now purchased it to build from as I didnt have the $$ for all the bells and whistles with the exception of some new sights its just about there now,never had a problem with it,not even a FTF @ 25 yds I'm actually getting same hole shoots but I have put another $500 into it since I bought it..
I love my mil-spec to! And I didnt even have to buy it!
I would love a 1911 in 38super, maybe some day
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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