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I need help with a S&W pistol

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This is the first gun I have bought and with me being female I really dont know much about them but I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light on it for me.

The pistol: On the main top of the barrel it stats as follows:

Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass U.S.A Patio FFBY
20 77. Dec. 18. 77 May 11 80. Sept. 11 83 Aug 4 95

On the side it says: 32 S & W CTG
And the other side has an emblem like an owls head with the same emblem on the handles. Also it don't have a hammer but a squeeze handle to fire. Serial # 1115xx

Its in mint conditon. If anyone knows anything Please help. Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum, Amity.

It sounds like you have some type of "lemon squeezer," but I'm no expert on S&W revolvers and can't give you an accurate identification. Over the years, S&W has produced a lot of revolvers with hammer shrouds and grip safeties and is currently marketing a "classic" version of its Model 40 "Centennial" in .38 Special. The owl heads on the grips and frame are intriguing; I've always associated them with old Iver Johnson revolvers.

Somebody more knowledgeable will likely come along soon and give you accurate information. If not, you might try posting your inquiry on the S&W forum at


It might help if you could post a picture of the revolver. All you need is a digital camera and a (free) account at Photobucket.com.

A few questions and maybe an answer.
How does the revolver open-is it a top break or does the cylinder open to the side?
Is it a 5 shot cylinder, and is it a blue or nickel plated gun?

I'm guessing is a fairly short barrel maybe 3".

I believe you have bought an Iver Johnson revolver that shoots .32 S&W cartridges. If the grips are black plastic or hard rubber and have an owl head, is the owl facing the front of the gun or looking at you? ( the owl facing you is newer.)

The guns I'm thinking of were made from the 1880's till about 1942 (WWII), but Iver Johnson made similar but more modern revolvers till the 1960's. These would have brown plastic grips. The company is no longer in business.
The SN indicates a newer revolver, but a picture or better description would be very helpful.
Unfortunately the gun I'm thinking of is not a very usable revolver for defence or just plain shooting - It is very low powered, not very accurate, and ammo is very expensive.
It is pretty much a collectable piece only, and worth maybe $180 tops in excellent condition.

More information please, if you can.

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