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IDPA competition?

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I'm thinking of entering in some IDPA events for fun. Looking at their website, my Ruger P95 falls in the "Enhanced service pistol" class since its da/sa. I have the gun, an uncle mikes belt holster and 2 magazines. How many mags do you need? About how many rounds should you bring to shoot? Is it a decent venue for rookies like me? Thanks. Is there anything else I should have that I'm not thinking of like...mag holders for your belt or something.
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I would encourage you to participate, Finch, I'm sure you'd enjoy it. You can probably get by with 3 mags, Some SO's like to build stages that require a lot of rounds. Keeping in mind 2 shots (min.) on paper and one on steel, typically, a stage might require a minimum of 18 rounds.

A hundred rounds should be sufficient. Mag carriers; you'll need two, or better, a single paired carrier. Technically, it's outside the rules, but many of us wear a double mag carrier and a single carrier. After using a stripper clip to put one in ther pipe, we remove the clip from the single carrier and load the pistol (we're talking 1911s here, not the ESP class) leaving the double carrier with 2 fully loaded mags and a topped off pistol.

You'll find the shooters friendly, willing to help you in every way and generally most concerned with three things: safety, safety and enjoying good company.
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