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IDPA Question

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I am beginning to dabble in IDPA shooting.

I don't know which division my guns qualify to compete in. I have looked at the IDPA site and the Rules Book, still confused.

I have 2 semi-auto 9mm hadguns to shoot.
A Ruger P-95 DC, double action/single action w/decocker, no safety.

A Tanfaglio/EAA double action/single action w/combination decocker-safety. I believe this is a CZ-75 clone.

Should I compete in SSP or ESP?

I have not yet participated in a sanctioned shoot. A local club has occassional fun shoots. I have participated in the fun shoot only once, but could easily become addicted and plan to shoot again.

Thanks for the help.
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Both are SSP, Mule. ESP is limited to cocked-and-locked, 1911 types in calibers other than .45.

Thank you!

This board is the Best!

What I said about the classification of your two pistols isn't entirely correct. I went astray when I used the phrase "limited to" when describing the ESP classification.

Pistols like you own typically would be in the SSP category; however, you can "elect" to shoot those same pistols in ESP and CDP if you desire. You might want to if you are desirous of multiple classifications. I think you would be at a slight dissadvantage against single action styles, but not if you are comfortable with your pistol (seems to me last year's IDPA overall champion shot a Sig).

Certain modifications to DA, DAO, and Safe Action pistols (e.g. add-on mag well openings, checkering and stippling) eliminate the pistol from SSP and then registration in ESP or CDP becomes necessary. I hope all this isn't too confusing; I fear I didn't do a very good job of explaining. BTW, I neglected to say, one single action that is the quintessential ESP is another by John Browning, the Hi-Power. T
Well, I keep having to amend my response to Mule (although it appears he has moved on to better things).

I was told this Saturday that the CZ-75 is really an either/or SSP or ESP pistol depending on whether or not you start a stage (more correctly, a match) cocked-and-locked or in double action condition.

Thanks for the additional information. Work, watching my kid play HS sports and family issues have limited my cyber time.
Every day is an adventure in eldercare.

I shoot the EAA better than the Ruger, but the safety mounted high on the slide slows me down. I participated in a classification match and earned Marksman SSP with the Ruger.

I hope to shoot in some sanctioned matches this summer.

That XD-45 is high on my want list.
Just what I need, anothe addiction....

Thanks again for the input!

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Look at the M&P line also. They are coming on extremely strong in IDPA. Not available yet (soon) but the M&P 9 Pro looks great. It already has the correct sights and a trigger job along with a 5" barrel.
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